I just got engaged last month, and my fiancé and I are finally starting to plan for big fat Indian wedding! We are both paying for our wedding on our own, and thank goodness we have good jobs.  Indian weddings are expensive!  We have already decided on the venue, and the next thing we are coming up with is a décor budget.  Do you have any ideas on where we can skimp & save?

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Seattle, Washington

Dear Payal ~

Congratulations on your engagement! Indian weddings, especially the décor, can add up frighteningly fast. There are definitely some ways to make sure that you maximize your wedding budget in the décor department. Here are my tips :

To get the most out of your budget choose flowers that are in season.  These tend to be less expensive, and if you work with seasonal color ranges that helps too.  So, instead of choosing blushes and yellows in fall, choose oranges and rust.  

There are tons of flowers that are readily available year round, but the prices can vary tremendously.  Think about it this way, a red rose may only cost $3 a stem in July, but if you are getting married around Valentine’s Day, the cost can be three times higher! Flower prices are always higher around major holidays, and especially Mother’s Day. Something to think about as you set a date.

If you can, try to avoid blue flowers.  Blues are the hardest color to use and are available in a very limited quantity.  For a similar royal look, try using purples.  Purple flowers are easily available year round. The blooms will vary from tulips in the Spring to dahlias in the Fall, but you will still get the elegant royal splash you are looking for.

Finally, don’t hesitate about reusing some of your ceremony flowers for your reception. Flowers that line the aisle can easily be used at the cake table or to decorate a buffet.  If you are getting married at an outdoor location, just make sure that your florist can discreetly move the flowers.  You don’t want to have your mandap torn down the second after you say “I Do!”

Thanks for your question! And, make sure you send us an update as you get closer to your wedding day!

Wishing you love, laughter & happily ever after,
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