So, if you still haven’t gotten over the red roses from Monday and Tuesday, you are in luck.  We have more for you today!  Maharani features weddings to give our readers ideas for their own Indian weddings.  Not all Maharanis-to-be have the same budget, but if you pick the right designer, your dream wedding will definitely come to life. 

When Suhaag Garden sent me this reception, I knew it was the perfect complement to our latest featured wedding. It is the same red rose concept, elegantly done in a scaled down, more budget friendly way.

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images by Andrew Milne Photography

How to get the look:

1. In order to give that dramatic impact Indian weddings are famous for, Jilna and her team put most of the design into the bride & groom’s head table. Since it is their wedding, seems obvious right? By making them the focus of the ballroom, the rest of the tables seamlessly float into the backdrop with minimal decor.

2. The tree branches create a bold, dramatic entrance for the newlyweds. Bunches of roses were placed sporadically on the trees to give that yummy, royal, red rose feel.  You save tons of money by going this route, and still create the uber-romantic ambiance.

3. The key to red (or any strong color, for that matter) décor is lighting.  Without lighting it would be almost impossible to create the color story.  Bright, red uplights paired with some warm, soft, golds are always a hit. And give that ethereal glow in pictures. Love!

There you have it. And, with your extra dough, you might just have enough for this 6 tier matching wedding cake!
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images by Andrew Milne Photography

So, what have all you Maharanis seen that you would like to see other options/budgets/ideas for? 

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