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Dear Shawna,

My groom is Indian and I'm Brasilian and we’re have an Indian Ceremony here in Brasil. And every day I visit Maharani Weddings for have some ideas to our wedding. I'm in love with Maharani Weddings. Your blog helps me so much!!!! Thank you!!!!

As I'm Brasilian and we don't have any specialist about this kind of wedding ceremony in Brasil, I'm really in trouble! Could you help with some things? We are thinking in a red+pink+orange palete colors for decor. Could you give me some ideas? I don't know much about Indian ceremony, so I don't know the correct moments for songs and the correct types of songs at ceremony. Could you help me with this? And I don't know how to wear dupatta (chunri). It doesn't stay in my head, it's always falling down. Please help me!!!

Thanks for all!


Dear Carla,

Thank you so much for your sweet words about Maharani Weddings.  I am so glad that we are able to help you plan your perfect wedding day.  So, let’s tackle your questions one at a time.
First, color palettes.  The colors you have chosen above, red+pink+orange, are just perfect.  Red is the quintessential Indian wedding color, and pink & orange has become trendy ever since Hermes did their Indian inspired collection.  Using these colors, you definitely cannot go wrong.  However, since Indian weddings are full of color, you can basically chose any colors you love.  Is there a color that is your favorite? Or one that you always feel amazing wearing?  You may want to incorporate these into your color palette because your wedding day is all about YOU.  Well, technically you and your groom, but practically speaking it is all you.

Take a browse around our gallery of inspiration boards to get some ideas going.

Second, song choices are tough for almost all Maharani brides to be.  We are lucky enough to partner with some of the top DJs across the US in our Platinum Guide, so we have complied lists of song choices for different moments of your ceremony.  Whether it’s the grooms procession or your dash back down the aisle as the new Mr. & Mrs., we have you covered. 

Click here to check out the Maharani recommended song choices.

Lastly, we had a bride email us the exact same dilemma last week.  Depending on your chuni’s weight and the style you are going to wear your hair, there are a variety of ways to keep that sucker on your head. 

Click here to take a read over my tips on how best to get a handle on your chunni.

Have a wonderful wedding, and please feel free to email me anytime with questions! 

Wishing you love, laughter & happily ever after,
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