Today we are presenting the second of our Look Books on our Facebook Fan Page.  If you aren’t a fan, or not on Facebook, you are missing out on all kinds of social media fun.

I was having a friendly debate with one of our NYC Platinum Guide Photographers, Ajit Singh, over the pros and cons of black & white photography for South Asian weddings.

I said, “You know it makes sense for American weddings because the dress is white, and tuxedos are black.  What about the clothes, the jewelry, the bindis, the décor?! That is what we want to see!”

Ajit said, “Well, black and white photography has the ability to capture feelings and emotions in a way that don’t compare to color photographs.”

You know what?  He is 100% right.  I chose a few from our look book to share with you guys today.

Indian wedding blogs, b&w wedding pic copy

These are just the teasers. Definitely head over to our Fan Page and let us know what you think.  Color or black & white?  What’s YOUR vote?