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I highly recommend that you sit down for this reception.  It has SO many elements that will make you stop and stare, and if you are anything like me, you will wish you would have been there.  Mouzam and Brent’s style is clean and modern, so it is no surprise that they chose the brand spanking new Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago to celebrate their union.  My favorite thing about this reception is the color palette.  It is bold and unique, and definitely sets the stage for a festive affair.

Mouzam on wedding style : Purple is one of my favorite colors and so it made sense for me to have that as one of the primary colors in the wedding. And because the wedding was in the summer, I wanted to use apple green as the complimentary color to reflect the season. We met with several wedding decorators before hiring Heffernan Morgan Designs. Many of the decorators we met with seemed to recycle design pieces used in previous weddings and we really wanted something unique, created especially for us. Berkley Lane (our decorator) really understood our desire for a modern, clean look for the wedding. She was amazing! She actually put together a small scale physical mock-up of the room before we even signed the contract (which was important to us) and we fell in love with it right away. The pictures will probably speak better than any description I can give but we loved the simple, modern elegance of the three different centerpieces - again, the clean shapes appealed to us right away (perfect balls of flowers) - and it was unique, I hadn't seen anything like it before which I loved.  

Brent and his younger brother surprised me with a song during the reception. Brent played guitar and his brother played bass and they sang "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service. I was floored. 

I get A LOT of submissions, from A LOT of photographers, and there is just something special that stands out about Pen Carlson Photography.  I am not sure if it is the perfect lighting, the perfect framing, or if it is just being able to capture that perfect moment, but there is something truly magical about the memories they capture.

Mouzam on photography : We knew we wanted our photographers to capture the true moments of the day (and not posed family portraits) but we wanted to see that special something more that we couldn't put into words. Pen Carlson Photography had that special something. When we first found their website, they had just gotten back from a trip to India and had some amazing photographs on their blog - what immediately spoke to us were the vibrancy of the colors in the photographs - each picture seemed to tell a story and reveal something about the subject - so we knew we had to meet them right away. They are an amazing husband and wife team and the four of us got along right away - we had a similar vision on what we wanted in the wedding pictures. Our engagement and wedding pictures took our breath away - we absolutely love their work.

Congratulations to the lovely couple, and BIG thank you to Ray Roman Films and Pen Carlson Photography

Here are the vendors that made Mouzam and Brent’s dream day a reality:

Coordinator : Roma Patel, Simply Venues / Event Design : Berkley Lane, Heffernan Morgan Designs / Jewelry :  Malani Jewelers, Dallas, TX / Cake: Bittersweet Pastry Shop / Stationery Design: Brian Malcolm, Malcolm Wolf / Photography: Pen Carlson Photography / Cinematographer: Ray Roman Films / Photo Booth: