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I know, I know.  We are late today.  When I got home from yoga last night, we found out that our neighbors downstairs redid their floors, and our place was reeking of paint thinner.  So, this morning was spent sorting that mess out, instead of on Maharani. 

Anyhow, so today I decided to dedicate the day to tikkas.  Tikkas are something that not many first generation US ladies have worn before their wedding day. So, it can be difficult to incorporate into your personal style naturally, and not look too costume-y.  I put together some looks, so you can see what you like, and more importantly what looks good on you.

First up is this lovely style with no bangs.  If you normally wear your hair to the side, and have never worn a tikka this is a great style for you.  Also, any bride getting their hair done once in the morning, and then doing quick costume changes should use this style since it will stay nice and more importantly neat all night.

Photograph by Bel Inizio Photography

Second is this modern style with a part down the center and flat ironed hair. This is a chic look, that would be fantastic for an outdoor, airy ceremony or a sangeet where the bride is not performing.  This is a tough style to keep in place, so just have one of your bridesmaids on duty!

Photograph by Laura Grier

Last we have this traditional style with a tear drop shaped tikka.  Do you dream of a ceremony filled with religious customs? Are you wearing heirloom jewelry or clothing?  If so, this is the style for you!  Take a your bridal chuni (or a heavy one) and your tikka with you to your hair trial, so you can see whether you like your hair up in a bun or only half up. 

Photograph by Andrena Photography

Which style do YOU like best?