Today we are featuring some of the latest fashions in bridal lenghas, and the consensus around Maharani Weddings HQ is we are thoroughly impressed. The best part about being a bride this season, is that there are absolutely no rules.  You have a multitude of colors and styles to choose from and anything goes.  It’s all about you and your personal style, after all you are the bride!

Velvet is making a strong comeback and would look just smashing for a black tie affair.  The rich fabric adds an extra layer of dimension and elegance. {Note to all my summer brides : carefully consider their weather and location before choosing this look}

Indian wedding blog, bridal lengha copy

If you are looking for something extra special for your engagement party, either of these two lenghas are a great choice. They are perfect for the marked celebration without being overly bridal.

Indian wedding blog, lengha 2 copy

For more bridal lengha ideas, head over to the Trends of India website and check out their complete collection.  They have a ton of great ideas not just for the bride, but for her moms and ‘maids as well.  Enjoy!