What is the one thing that you can’t control?  The weather!  Professional, experienced vendors can make a bride’s dream come true no matter what mother nature has in store that day.  Leena and Suniel had Sachi & Sunita Sood, of Partyland, and Trisha Cranor, of Working Brides, in their corner when the heavens decided to give them some “auspicious” love drops on their big day.

Baraat 1 copy 
From Sachi : On the day of the wedding as the Baraat was riding in it started raining... I love the picture of Suniel looking up into the sky with a smile on his face as his out door wedding was being rained on.  We (the decorator and planner) worked quickly as we moved the aisle candelabras on to the dance floor inside of the reception tent creating a makeshift mandap on the spot.  Although we got fabulous pictures of the Mandap we couldn’t use it for the wedding.  So during cocktail our we moved the middle portion of the mandap inside so it sat on top of the cake table.  The best part about this wedding was that both Leena and Suniel took everything in stride not once getting upset at any of the natural drama.

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Rain or shine Jenn Link Photography captured incredible moments. Leena and Suniel look relaxed and happy…you would never be able to tell that they had to change plans last minute would you?!

Tomorrow we have flawless reception details from this wedding that you won’t want to miss!