One of the things that I love about writing the Maharani Weddings blog is that I get to see such a huge variety in South Asian weddings.  Brides dressed in all colors of the rainbow, modern dresses to traditional lenghas.  Always one of a kind style that keeps me longing for more.  However, there is one similarity that I see with most often in South Asian brides….it is in their jewelry.  Not matter what the bride is wearing, it seems that all of us, love a little ethnic flare in our wedding day bling. 

Tejani, the maker of Indian inspired, wearable jewels, has released new line up of bobbles, and, like all of their jewelry, it can be customized in any finish and color that you like. Love that!

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I am always a bit jealous of NYC. The fast pace, and the ability to get anything you want at anytime you want makes it very, very, very attractive to me.  Tejani, has done it again, by offering an exclusive Bridal Fitting Service to their New York area brides.

The dress, the location, the flowers… all of your wedding day decisions are carefully mulled over and made but what's often lost in the wedding planning process is what jewelry to wear. Most brides don't realize that after placing the order for their gown, it is usually months and months before they will be able to try on their dress again. Imagine trying to pick your perfect accessories from memory… what type of necklace would look the best with my neckline? Would a dramatic dangly earring look best or would a sparkly stud? Would a gold or silver finish compliment my gown best?

Why let the wrong choices in jewelry leave your perfect day less than perfect?

Let a jewelry expert from Tejani meet you at your fitting with ten hand selected pieces to help you complete your vision. Exclusively available to New York City brides, this highly personalized service is available 7 days a week with no obligation to purchase.

Don't let a decision as important as this be an afterthought! Simply select up to ten pieces from Tejani's treasure trove of earrings, bangles, necklaces and chokers to compliment your bridal gown and let Tejani handle the details. This free styling service allows you to try on your jewelry with your dress so you can decide first-hand exactly what looks best for your perfect look on the most important day of your life!

How cool is that?! This service brings a new meaning to the words luxury.  Making it an experience so couture, and so extraordinary, SO Maharani that it may just be worth the flight out from the West Coast.  Well, a bride can dream….can’t she?