Sometimes, I find a wedding idea SO good that I want to put it in a treasure chest and bury it in my backyard only to have it unveiled at a family wedding in the future.  Since, I live in San Francisco, and I don’t have a backyard, you guys are in luck.  This unique indian wedding idea comes to us from Kevin Shahinian from Pacific Pictures in Southern California. Kevin is a genius - he took the two things indian people are most fanatical about, Bollywood and weddings, combined them and produced the most delicious results we have ever seen. So, sit back and enjoy this Bollywood style mini movie starring the bride & groom.  

How does a shy M.D. win the heart of a gorgeous pharmacuetical rep? Find out in “Dil Jaanta Hai (The Heart Knows),” starring Anuja & Nirav, an original Bollywood-inspired short produced for their 6.6.09 wedding.

Amazing, isn't it?! Anuja & Nirav’s surprise big screen debut premiered on two massive screens just before their grand entrance to hundreds of unsuspecting family and friends.  As you can imagine, it was an instant hit and everyone adored this quirky, amusing kick off to their reception.

The creativity, talent, and hard work that went into this movie illustrates Kevin’s genuine passion for his craft and clients.  Thanks a bunch for sharing this with us Kevin!