Okay people, it’s Friday and this Indian fusion wedding that we have in store for you can only be properly viewed with a glass of champagne in hand.  Literally, this wedding is filled with so much gorgeous eye candy that it is making my stomach do flips! Sim and Leslie were married in Bali (yes, that is not a typo) earlier this year and Laura Grier, from A Beautiful Day Photography, was kind enough to share with us.  Stunning is an understatement, and how lucky is Laura that she got to “work” from this beautiful, Bali wedding.  That sounds like a dream job to me!
Day 1, 1 copy

We don’t have too many details from this event, but Laura was kinda enough to share some tid bits with us:
From Laura : Each of their ceremonies and parties outdid the next one and were held in stunning private estates on the island, Villa Sarna, Sim’s parent’s home.  Their home is situated on the most breathtaking view of cascading rice patties outside of Ubud, the artist capital of Bali.

Day 2, 1 copy Day 1, 2 copy

Re-fill your champers and we will be back in a flash with more delightful pictures and creative Indian Wedding ideas from this amazing Balinese adventure.