I heart this wedding.  This is one of those celebrations that you can tell the whole family was involved in the planning process.  The lovely bride in a LOVELY lengha always makes me fall hard.  But what I love most about this wedding is that the bride and groom truly have eyes for one another.

Bride 1 copy

Bride 2b

From Sonal:  We choose the colors for the wedding based on the tradional indian colors.  We wanted it to be colorful yet classy, so we decided on base colors of golds, creams and bronze tones with plums, reds and a little orange to bring out the customary bright Indian colors.  With the base colors being subtle, it didn't look to chaotic as far as just throwing in a bunch of bright colors.  This gave it more of a even tone with the reds/plums/orange to bring out the "Indian" theme.

To make your hump day a bit easier, we are going to be back in a bit with a special Part III feature today! Back in a flash!