Maharani Weddings is the premier website dedicated to Indian wedding style. Our featured weddings, top tier vendors, and advice for brides make us the leading resource for Indian brides-to-be. We are dedicated to publishing a variety of articles on the most up to the minute wedding related content. We are constantly researching the latest trends from India, the best in class vendors in categories such as: photography, bridal attire, floral design and invitations, and inspiring our readers with the most beautiful Indian affairs.

A bit about our readers...

The Maharani Weddings reader is a day dreaming Indian bride searching for her unique wedding style. Our readers trek the globe looking for wedding ideas that are reflective of their cultural heritage. On average, our readers are between the ages of 23 and 34, with the median age of 26. Approximately 85% of our brides will be married within the next 12 months, 10% are industry experts, and 5% are moms, ‘maids, & wedding junkies.  75% of our readers reside in the US, 20% in India, UK & Canada, and 5% in other nations around the globe.  We have a worldwide presence that is growing daily.

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The Platinum Guide
Maharani Weddings created The Platinum Guide for our busy-as-a-worker-bee South Asian brides.  Our brides are looking for experienced, creative, think outside the box vendors to help them bring their fairytale vision to life.  If your company meets this description and you would like to apply to become a Platinum Guide member, please send an email to : with the following information:

1. A professional statement – so we can get to know you better please send some background on you, your company, and don’t forget to let us know what you are passionate about.
2. How many weddings did you complete from 2007 to present?  How many South Asian weddings did you complete from 2007 to present?
3. How long have you been in business?
4. How many employees, including yourself, does your company have?
5. Finally, a few professional references – other wedding vendors who we can contact on your behalf.

We look forward to learning about your company and all that you bring to the South Asian bridal market.  Ciao!