Does your hobby for indian weddings seem to be a more like an obsession? Then you are the girl we are looking for! Calling all stylish, smart, creative brides-to-be! is looking for a few to join our team!

MaharaniWeddings is looking for an elite group of *Ranis* who have wedding opinions, ideas, and stories to share. Ranis should have an infectious enthusiasm for wedding planning, a distinct writing voice, to go along with their already great sense of style!  Ranis must be commited to updating weekly, posses a love to share new ideas, and are excited to share pictures of their wedding day!

To apply:
1) Ranis MUST have less than 9 months to your wedding date.  We have a committee that reviews all applications, so be patient, and we will get back to you.  We may also follow your blog for a couple of weeks to get to know your better.

2) Ranis MUST have posts relating to indian weddings on your blog.  Sorry, no personal blogs or wedding websites (unless of course, you use your wedding website to blog on.) You can set up a free  blog on sites like Blogger and Livejournal, or wherever your heart desires.

3) Writing Style : When you write on a personal blog, you can address anything that is on your mind – like your own diary or journal. However, when you write for, you posts will be presented to a community on Indian brides, so the content must be geared toward wedding ideas and inspiration.  The type of posts we look for are:

- Post that are fun to read and actively engage the reader.
- Posts with TONS of pictures for ideas & inspiration.
- Research on vendors, ceremonies, & rituals.
- Great DIY ideas.

A very important note : This is not a place for personal blogs with to-do lists, rants and raves about your wedding party or family. (This is the world wide web, after all!)

Tip : Write on your blog exactly the same way you would  if you were writing for  for at least 3 weeks or at least 15 entries. This way you can get a sense of what it is like to blog for our community and *most importantly* whether you are having fun with it or not.  It also allows us to get to know you and your personal style a bit better!

At this time we only have a few slots for Ranis, so we can’t accept all of our applicants.   However, we will hold onto your application, and as our community spreads it’s wings, we hope to have new slots created every month. Either way, we will respond to your email application. 

4) Lastly, send an email with the following information to, after you have completed a few weeks on your blog.
Personal Information
1. Name:
2. Date of Birth:
3. Ethnicity:
4. Occupation:
5. Fiance’s Name:
6. Fiance’s Date of Birth:
7. Fiance’s Ethnicity:
8. Fiance’s Occupation:
9. Engagement Date:
10. Wedding Date:
11. City/State:
12. Telephone Number:
13: Approx. Wedding Budget:
14. Number of Guests:
15. Venue:

And a quick sentence for the following quesitons...
16. What are you planning for your wedding – ceremonies, traditions, events, etc…
17. Why do you want to be a Rani?
18. Are you excited to post photos of yourself and your wedding?
19. Do you blog for any other wedding related sites?
20. Any additional information you’d like to provide about yourself and your fiance?

We look forward to hearing from you and assembling our team of Ranis!