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CitySaheli spoke with Shawna Gohel an indian wedding professional from Maharani Weddings, who gave us the scoop on the favorite color palettes for this fall.   “The best way to chose your color palette is to cozy up with some chai and go through wedding magazines,” says Shawna, founder of Maharani Weddings.  Shawna likes to use floral magazines, since she gets distracted by the dresses, shoes, and everything else wedding! “When you flip through the pictures, suddenly certain colors will speak to you, and you will continue going back to them. That is when you know you have found YOU. The color palette you choose for your wedding is the foundation for creating a wedding that uniquely represents your personality as a couple.”

Shawna pointed out that one of the biggest mistakes that Indian brides make is choosing too many colors (sometimes four or more!), which can make a weddings look like blocks of color and make the event lose fluidity. Indian brides should remember to utilize a layering technique.  By layering colors, you create a cohesive wedding with depth, dimension and something visually pleasing to your guest’s eyes.  Layering will allow the beauty of your soiree shine through, while placing you and your new hubby in the spotlight.

Shawna then went into detail on using a “color story” during the overall wedding celebration.  She explained that the colors you choose should not only represent your personal style but should also establish the type of mood you want to create. Are you a pair who is always dressed to the nines or are you more of a casual couple? Are you having your wedding in the center of a fast paced city or at a seaside location that has a charming, simple atmosphere? Choose colors that correspond to your wedding location and incorporate them into the day’s attire.  The introduction of your personalized color palette into your personal dress and wedding location will help you create your own one of a kind, special event.

Shawna’s top wedding color palette picks for the fall:

Black tie, elegant affairs. Opt for  deep and rich colors, such as:
•  plum with champagne and black
•  burgundy and bright yellow
•  rose pink and gold

Formal, festive events. Opt for energetic and vibrant colors brighten up the atmosphere, such as:
•  turquoise and yellow
•  kelly green and brown
•  fuschia with lime green

Casual events. Opt for colors inspired by the beach, such as:
•  soft blue with mustard yellow
•  peach and yellow
•  white on white & white

Thanks very much to CitySaheli for the feature!