Indian wedding invitation drafts bring on a new meaning to the phrase “attention to detail!”

That is why I was thrilled when I came across Studio On Fire. Not only do they create lovely Indian wedding invitations, but their staff is extremely pleasant to work with. Studio On Fire provides both design services and letterpress printing with a distinctively tactile presence.

Take a look at this stunning invitation they created last year.  Studio On Fire goes the extra mile to make sure that they provide their clients with the very best.  Notice how they embossed the matching paisley design on the envelope to maintain the invitations consistency...


SFo 2 copy 
From Studio on Fire : Our unique workspace marries design, art and craft—it’s like having cream AND sugar in your coffee. We bring a keen synergy of design sensitivity and production knowledge to our projects while backed by full, in-house modern letterpress printing capabilities. We collaborate with creative firms, printers, and individuals to produce work with a tactile and distinctively modern edge and whether the design work is our own or yours, our expert knowledge of letterpress technique brings award-winning projects to life.

SFO 3 copy

SFO 4 copy

So, I saved my fav for last.  This invitation takes a conventional of Indian scene and blends it into a unique American style invitation.  It is A-mazing.  Okay, I’ll stop going on now, so you can take a look.

Kate & Sugam designed by Kathryn Fishback; Ashish & Sabira designed by Kavita Ahuja ;Neel & Neerja designed by Priya Patel  

Thank you Studio On Fire for sharing these divine Indian Wedding Invitations with us!