One of my most fond memories of my wedding was searching for my bridal lengha with my mom.  We roamed the streets of Dehli looking at piece after piece until I found "the one!"  Luckily, now there are fabulous bridal pieces available online at

Born in 1998, Sila is the brain child of Saman and Tauseef, created to fulfill the needs of those craving for classic south Asian elegance. Since its inception, the presence of Sila has exclusively been online at, a niche that has carved a dynamic path to provide to clientele

Sila is "not a boutique…but, the art of attire."

Sila 1 copy

Sila 2 copy

The collections include formal, day to evening, accessories and the bridal trousseau and the focal point has always been immaculate cuts, luxurious fabrics and classic pieces that transcend fashion eras. The Jewel-e-Raj Collection is the exclusive bridal trousseau line that devotes its heritage to Moghul inspired embroidery techniques and handloom woven silks & brocades in regal lehnga, gharara, peshwaz and sari wedding designs.

Every bridal piece is always made to measure to ensure a custom fit for every bride to be. A process pondered upon by many, with Sila being based completely online, but mastered by the team to result in couture quality heirloom pieces for the wedding!