Here is the continuation of the wedding story of Tejal and Jason.  These two lovebirds look like they had a great time at their wedding, and Jason really embraced indian tradition.  It also helps that Tejal is one of the prettiest Indian brides I have seen...she was walked down the aisle by her two maternal uncles...




Fire 2 


Tej 2 copy 

Car sweet 


Jade took amazing shots of their ceremony.  This is where an experienced photographer makes all the difference.  Take a look at this!

Wow - that last shot makes you feel like you are sitting along side them in the Mandap!  Rarely do I meet a photographer that is as dynamic as Jade Photography.  I love the edgeyness of these post ceremony shots...

Sweet champagne  

Congratulations Tejal and Jason and thanks for sharing your lovely pictures with us!