Happy Tuesday, Maharanis! We hope you are ready for a new love story because we have Sahar & Shaban's bold and beautiful engagement photoshoot coming from Atlanta, GA. And we are sure you will love it! We'll start this feature by highlighting the magnificent fashion and beauty stylings of our lovely bride. She chose nude makeup with shimmering eyelids, which accentuated her almond-shaped eyes, making her look like a vision of beauty. She donned two different outfits, and either on her traditional and fashionable attire or her sleek black dress, this Maharani always looked flawless! It truly is hard to find a venue as impressive and full of grandeur as the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. But it certainly was the right place for this engagement photoshoot! The architecture and the dinosaur fossils make you feel transported into exotic lands without ever leaving Atlanta and add an extra touch of amazingness to the overall aesthetic of this photoshoot. Behind the lens, Hakim's Studio did not miss any moment of this special event and captured this couple's most sweet and intimate moments. The final result was nothing short of amazing, and we encourage you to check it out by yourself by heading over to this spectacular gallery. Believe us; it will take your breath away!

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More amazingness and romance are coming your way, so make sure to join us tomorrow if you don't want to miss any detail!