Good morning, Maharanis! We are heading to the end of this fabulous week, and we don't want to end it without presenting you with the magical wedding festivities between Anjali & Vivek. The Majestic Downtown was the exclusive venue chosen by our lovebirds to celebrate their spectacular wedding ceremony and reception. And let me tell you that every single guest enjoyed this entire celebration to the fullest. In case you were wondering who was the mastermind behind the planning and organization, we have the right answer for you! It was none other than The Marigold Company, who embraced our lovebirds' vision and took it to a higher level, creating the wedding of their dreams. The glamour and elegance were present throughout the entire wedding, filling every corner of the halls! From the beautiful horse from Enchanted Carriages rode by Raja Vivek during the Baraat to the phenomenal music beats played by Riamu Entertainment, this wedding celebration was memorable as it overflowed with so many emotions and inspiring moments. We are so lucky to have the talented team form Megan Ann Photography, capturing every detail of this wedding, as they created a marvelous photo gallery that got us sighing. So make sure to visit it. I know you will love it!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
The Bride's version - It was the Sunday before Labor Day 2014 and I was living at home in Tracy at the time. My parents and my best friend Avneet were trying to get me to go out and have some fun because I was in a funk from commuting 4 hours each day to and from the city for work. Eventually, I drove myself the 60+ miles to Palo Alto to meet up with Avneet just to get them all off my back. We ended up at a bar named Nola in Palo Alto when a guy came up to our table and complimented my pants. This guy was Vivek and the rest as they say is history. Over the past 5 years Vivek has introduced me to slang such as "shambles" and "fire", he's proven that there is someone out there that talks more than I do, and has exposed me to the music of legends such as Rick Ross and RL Grime. I cannot wait to marry the one person that I know will keep me laughing for years to come.
The Groom's version - Labor Day 2014 started off as a simple daytime housewarming party at my friend Jimit’s new home, but who would’ve thought it would be the luckiest night of my life. After calling some close friends to head out for the evening after the festivities were done, we chose a location well known for its social scene and abundance of nightlife options - Palo Alto, CA. Little did I know that a beautiful (and extremely sarcastic) woman would be sitting at a table wearing a pair of Zebra pants that I “complimented” as an excuse to sit down next to her. I knew Anjali was special when she pretended to laugh at my jokes for the rest of the evening and even agreed to give me her phone number - huge mistake on her part, but major win for me. We went on our first date later that week and ever since then I’ve learned how important color-coding calendars can be, how to throw epic birthday parties, and most importantly how to put the people you care about before yourself because Anjali does all these things better than anyone I’ve ever known. I am so lucky and thankful to have met this amazing woman and can’t wait to take on the world together with her!
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
The proposal story by the bride - December 1st was supposed to be just another Saturday. I was going to go with some friends to the top of Coit Tower and get brunch at a restaurant I hated in North Beach afterwards. That Saturday we met at my house and after some hullabaloo over my poor outfit choice(white jeans and a camel colored coat) we were on our way.
When we arrived at Coit Tower a guide told us we were going on a private tour. My friend Vidya had bought the tickets and I just assumed she had opted for the pricier option without informing me. After reciting some false facts I had learned about Coit Tower on a segway tour to the guide in the elevator we were now at the top. We walked out, took some Instagram stories of the views, and right when I turned the corner I saw Vivek in a camel colored coat I had made him buy the year earlier which he hadn't worn until that day. My initial thought was "Oh no! I'm wearing a camel colored coat. This is so embarrassing!", but it quickly transitioned to "Oh my goodness I'm getting engaged!". As Vivek started talking my eyes started watering until I was crying like a baby! Needless to say I responded with a resounding "YES!".
After a mini photoshoot with a photographer that had popped out from behind Vivek during this entire process, we were on our way to brunch. As we got out of the car and walked to this less than great restaurant, Vivek made a sharp turn and started walking towards my favorite restaurant, Park Tavern! When we got up to the front, the hostess escorted us up the stairs where 40 of our closest family and friends were waiting. Of course the waterworks started again.
We enjoyed an amazing brunch with our nearest and dearest followed by a bar crawl through North Beach. The day was more than I could've ever hoped for. Thank you again Vivek for planning the proposal of my dreams!
What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?
I think the most enjoyable part was the end result of course! Seeing all aspects of what you have planned come together is a feeling like no other. Seeing all my closest family and friends in our beautifully decorated venue, eating the food we had meticulously picked out, and dancing to tunes you had hand-selected is amazing. Wedding planning can be tough so remember, the end result is what you are working towards!
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
Vivek and I have been honored to attend 20+ weddings together. As frequent wedding guests ourselves we greatly appreciate(more than anything else) weddings that don't require us to think much. Therefore, when looking for a wedding venue we wanted to make sure our guests could check into a hotel and not have to worry about a thing! Our wedding hotel, The Sheraton Grand Los Angeles, was where most folks stayed and where our Sangeet was held. The next day our ceremony, lunch, cocktail hour, and reception were at the Majestic Downtown LA, which is only about 2 blocks away from the Sheraton Grand. We saw people walk, scooter, and uber over to the venue. Our after-party was at the Reserve night club right below the Majestic so once the reception was over we went to a private entrance within the reception venue to the nightclub and to our private room. Finally, our brunch the next morning was at the Sheraton Grand so people didn't have to go far to grab some OJ. Making things easy was what we wanted and I think we accomplished that!
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
The most special moment for me was hearing the baraat arriving at the venue. My parents had left to welcome the baraat, my bridesmaids and brideman had left to join the baraat, and I was by myself. I finally had time to reflect on what was going to happen. I was going to get married to the most amazing human being I had ever known! I could hear the loud dhol coming down the streets of downtown LA, hear people laughing and dancing, and hear the chatter of my family and friends waiting to welcome the baraat. Vivek and I chose not to do a first look because we wanted the first time we saw eachother to be when we walked down the aisle, how we had always pictured it. It took everything in me not to just look out the windows to sneak a peak at my groom, but I resisted. Instead, I soaked in this time by myself and got myself prepared to become Mrs. Tumrukota!
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
I have 2 pieces of advice, one for the bride and the other for the groom.
My advice for the bride - STAY ORGANIZED! I am an extremely organized person, but the wedding brought out a whole other level of organization in me that I didn't know I had. I had spreadsheets to organize my spreadsheets(no joke!). Planning a multi-day indian wedding with 300 guests and that too a destination wedding is not easy so make sure you have everything you need well organized. I had everything super crisp and tight which allowed me to do nothing except enjoy the wedding week. Of course there were things that didn't go as planned, there always will be, but being organized makes these happen less which causes a lot less stress. Use those google spreadsheets ladies!!
My advice for the groom - Planning a wedding is another full-time job. From the outside it might look like cake tastings and color schemes, which it is, but it's also negotiating contracts and making anywhere from 1-1000 decisions a day that can affect hundreds of people during your wedding. Needless to say, it gets stressful and very exhausting. To help with this, Vivek and I made a pact during this time - I would take on a majority of the wedding planning and he would take on a majority of other tasks like cooking, bills, and listening to me rant. Obviously listening to me rant was a majority of his role. Overall this helped take some other tasks off my plate and helped alleviate needless stress. Work with your bride and see what you can do to help. She might not want you to help with wedding planning necessarily, but find other ways you can help her out during this time. After all, you're committing to be partners for life so start now!

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DJ: Riamu Entertainment | Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Majestic Downtown | Floral & Decor: Kumba Entertainment | Hair & Makeup: SD Artistry Pro | Catering: Silver Service Catering | Cinematography: Avec Lumiere Productions | Photography: Megan Ann Photography