Happy Friday, Maharanis! We are at the end of this fabulous week, and we want you to end it full-inspired. So we have prepared something special just for you! Today we are taking you to the grand Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta to unveil all the beauty of Bindiya & Himesh's wedding reception. The phenomenal photos captured Wildcolors by abi, encapsulated every single detail of this magical event and the highlights of the night. The marvelous wedding reception gathered two families that celebrated the eternal union of this charming duo, and both enjoyed Encore Entertainment's music, who designed a fantastic entertainment that enlighted the gala. Everyone savored the delicious food from Annapurna Catering Service and praised the remarkable decor from the 5th season, who created a fantastic stage for our lovebirds. It was a memorable night! If you want to relive this unforgettable moment, make sure to visit today's gallery. I bet you will love it!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
We actually met during my fourth year of college at a UGA vs UTK college football game in Knoxville, Tennessee. We had mutual friends, but had never crossed paths before. I remember the first day I was in Knoxville and my cousin had introduced us, and Himesh actually ignored me and showed zero interest in making an acquaintance. I remember thinking "wow people in Tennessee are rude."
The next day after the game, in a bar of course, I had a second encounter with Himesh. My friends and cousins had gone to the bathroom, and I was sitting by myself. Himesh came over to to talk to me (probably to console me after UGA's tragic loss) and we just had a casual conversation that neither of us really thought much of. I remember he asked me the same question twice in regards to my major.
After we parted ways, I remember being back in Athens and getting a friend request from him on Facebook. I messaged him first thanking him for giving me company in Knoxville and the rest was history! We instantly connected and talked about our childhood memories, life goals, family, interests and of course I had to make fun of him a few times. I eventually agreed to go on our first date. He was in medical school in East Tennessee at the time and showed up to my apartment late! Of course all the restaurants were closed at this time so I decided to just cook dinner for us. I made him falafel (which he loved -- and if you know Himesh you know he loves food), we talked for hours, and soon realized we were two pieces of the same soul. We dated for 3.5 years until we finally got married and moved to Jacksonville, Florida for his residency at Mayo Clinic!
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
- The groom's perspective (Himesh Zaver):
Someone once told me "when you know, you know." From the beginning, with B, I knew I was in for a lifetime of laughter and smiles...on a full stomach. The hardest part of the proposal was not picking out the perfect ring or asking her father for her hand in marriage, instead it was planning something she would never forget. I've always tried my best to remind her she's worth a million bucks and more, and I went through hundreds of scenarios, locations, and ways I would ask. With B, it has never been the gift that put a smile on her face, but the handwritten card or letter that went with it. In the end, I decided on the things that matter most to her.
Our proposal was made possible with the support and help of many of our family and friends. Bindiya's day began with a letter, a painting, and her favorite breakfast. Her first letter highlighted how we met, our first date, and playful clues on what to expect throughout the day.  When first getting to know B, she told me her favorite flower was the Black Dahlia. On our first date, I brought her Black Dahlia flower seeds because I was never able to find the actual flower. Fast forward two and a half years and I still have not been able to get my hands on those flowers so I had a painting made of the exact jar of seeds I brought her and the full bloomed Dahlia. As the day went on, Bindiya received more letters, had a manicure with her sister, and finally arrived at Piedmont Park where I nervously awaited for her arrival. I was under a gazebo, and although I forgot how I asked, and honestly even if she said yes or not, I do remember how perfect she looked, and how happy I was to now call her my fiancé!     
How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
I flew to India specifically for wedding shopping. I found all of my outfits for each day's events in Bombay. I definitely had an open mind when I began my wedding shopping. I saved pins on pinterest and had a few ideas in mind. I spent the first 3 days just browsing at various stores and designers so I could see all my options.
I remember walking into Shyamal & Bhumika and just falling in love with the hand embroidered work and contrasting colors. I never saw myself wearing "all" red, but I knew I wanted to incorporate the color in my wedding lengha as it's a traditional color in Hindu weddings. Ironically, I ended up selecting a bridal lengha from Shyamal & Bhumika that I had a screen-shot of on my phone. Before I even saw it in person, I loved this dress but never really thought it was suit me or be within my reach. I really loved the contrasting mint, peach, pinks, and coral red's within my outfit and my husband's outfit! I was truly blessed with this beautiful dress! I wouldn't have it any other way.
In addition, on the day of the wedding, I was able to also wear my mother's wedding sari (33 years old I might add) for the Baraat and groom welcoming. It was really important to me to be able to share a piece of my parents' wedding on my special day because we both share the same wedding anniversary. That's right, April 20th was also my parents' wedding date. This wasn't planned but it's funny how things turn out. I'll always have this memory with me and remember them as I celebrate the years to come with Himesh!
What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?
A unique part of my wedding was that all five events of my wedding were at the same venue. All the guests, both bride and groom's side, stayed at the same hotel where the ballroom was also located. Everyone was able to hangout during downtimes and get together and talk. I remember everyone telling my parents and me that they had such a blast because of the convenience and timeliness of all of the wedding events. My dad and I planned my wedding on our own and made sure everything ran according to schedule.
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
A wedding comes once in a lifetime. It took me a long time (near the last month really) to get over the stress of wedding planning and actually start to enjoy the process. Now looking back on it, I truly loved spending time with my family planning the events, and I'll always cherish these memories. The amount of love and support you receive throughout this process and on the big day is truly indescribable. For all future brides-to-be, I really recommend remembering the true meaning of marriage and the point of having a wedding. At the end of the day, it's not about the little details like a fancy car, forgotten dessert, technical AV difficulties, but solely about you getting to marry the love of your life on a day you will never get back or forget.
Have an awesome weekend loves! See you again on Monday with more inspiring installments!
Photography: Wild colors by abi | Photography: Wild colors by abi | Venues: Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta | Floral & Decor: 5th season | Hair & Makeup: Edge & Priss Luxury Bridal Glam | Catering: Annapurna Catering Service | DJ: Encore Entertainment | Bridal Fashions: Shyamal & Bhumika | Mehndi Artist: Rozisalim Virani