The last day of 2019 is here, ladies! It has been such a wonderful year and to end it with all the glam in the world, we have Roopa & Miten's extremely gorgeous wedding vision coming from always busy New Jersey! This couple decided to celebrate their bash with all the Maharani flair and style, and of course, our friends from Ron Soliman Photojournalism were there capturing all those little details that made it, a one of a kind wedding experience. Among the various special characteristics of this gala, Maharani Roopa's bridal saree was definitely the highlight for us. As we have seen, modern Maharanis decide to always keep their cultures alive with their designs but also giving them that special touch of contemporaneity that we love so much. Such a dazzling design! So, ladies, time to recharge those glam batteries with today's gallery, don't miss it!

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How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?
Miten and I met in 2008, while we were both in high school when we both got assigned to the same dance team that was meant to perform at our local Indian Cultural Association of NJ. We were only 16 years old, and started dating (if you can even call it that). We dated throughout high school, and upon graduation, we knew we were going to end up going to college at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (totally not planned). We even ended up getting recruited to the same advertising agency in NYC four years later in 2014. We've grown so much together since we started dating, both mentally and emotionally, and learning to understand one another only helped solidify our relationship through the years. In 2016, Miten proposed - and the rest is history!
Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
We both love traveling and Ireland always had a place on our bucket list. However, my parents were more traditional in the sense that they weren't comfortable with us traveling together abroad since we weren't engaged. But, little did I know that Miten had already asked their permission while I was away on a friend's bachelorette. So when I finally talked to my parents about making the trip to Ireland, I didn't suspect anything when they gave me a hard time agreeing to let me go. They played along really well, so hats off to them for pulling it off. One of the final hotels we stayed at in Ireland, was called Dromoland Castle. It sat on a beautiful estate with tons of gardens, lakes, and outdoor trails. One of the outdoor activities the hotel offered was Falconry - where you could walk along a trail with a Falcon trainer, falcon, and learn about the castle history all while having the bird fly along the trail with you. When we booked the trip, Miten and I had talked about booking this tour, so it didn't come as a surprise when it was time for the tour to start. What I didn't realize (or a question) was the fact that the normally 8-10 person tour group was a private tour. When we arrived at a particularly scenic spot, the Trainer suggested Miten & I stand at one end of the lake with a Go Pro, so that we could get a shot of the Falcon flying over the lake and landing on my arm. Once the bird landed on me, I saw there was a note tied to his foot. I turned around, and Miten was down on one knee, and he got the whole proposal filmed on the GoPro he set up. Later on that evening, Miten told me he had bought out the entire tour to make sure it was just us and had been making arrangements with the Hotel & Falconry tour guides months ahead of time to make sure everyone knew the plan. I couldn't believe that he had been carrying around the ring for 6 days of the trip, without me suspecting anything. Our trip was unforgettable and we have plans of returning to Dromoland soon to experience it all over again.
Tell us how you went about planning your wedding, and your overall experience with the Venues, Hair & Makeup, Outfits, Decor Theme, and all of the other important details.
When it came to wedding planning, the easiest decision Miten and I made was hiring Mitali (Memories by Mitali) as our wedding planner. Not only is she amazingly talented, we were both proud to call her one of our closest friends throughout College. She is incredibly detailed and helped put us at ease from the very beginning. Mitali understood our wants, needs, and concerns and always provided thoughtful and honest feedback at every stage of planning. She is extremely responsive and easy to reach through any method of contact - which she would always reiterate during our calls, especially as the day drew closer and our nerves heightened. She is also incredibly calm and focused, a quality which is extremely important in a planner, and which was also so easy to see by all of our guests.
All of our events were an amazing success due to the diligence of our vendors - particularly our amazing photographers, Ron & Bless Soliman (husband & wife team who are incredibly talented, energetic, and such kind, awesome people) and my wonderful hair & makeup artistry team, Cinderella Bridez. They all worked hard to make sure everything began on time and coordinated with one another to ensure any final-decision making and unplanned hiccups were taken care of. The pictures speak for themselves. Miten and I are so grateful to have these amazing memories to look back on (and stare at since I went overboard in framing them throughout our home :) So many of my guests commented on how relaxed Miten and I looked throughout our wedding weekend- and it’s all thanks to our amazing vendors. They truly made us feel like it was our weekend and we had nothing to worry about. I highly recommend Ron Soliman Photojournalism and Cinderella Bridez for any event - you won't be disappointed!
Was there a really special moment in your wedding that constantly replays in your mind?
In college, Miten and I were both part of a collegiate dance team and had the opportunity to perform together in different cities throughout the US. Our love for performing only made our first dance / turned into wedding dance performance that much more memorable, since this time, it was as husband and wife.
Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
While all brides-to-be have probably heard it before, I cannot stress the importance of trying to relax the week of the wedding. In my heart, I knew we had done everything in our power to make sure the events ran smoothly, but at the end of the day, sometimes things don't go exactly according to plan. The key is to (try!) to not let it bother and stress you out. Try to look at the bigger picture and think about what went right, and why you're doing this in the first place.
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Catering: Rollin Below 0 | Photography: Ron Soliman Photojournalism | Ceremony Venue: Sheraton Parsippany Hotel | Reception Venue: Sheraton Parsippany Hotel | Planning & Design: Memories by Mitali | DJ: DJ Sunny Entertainment