Hey there, Maharanis! The long-awaited wedding season has arrived and we know that you, ladies, want only the best of the best to get those ideas going. Throughout this year we have experienced various types of Indian wedding visions. Some of them mixing modern touchups with ancient tradition, and some others, creating brand new styles that push the Maharani experience forward. Today, and warming up the engines, we have everything that went on at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue for Priya & Vivek's day of magic. These two lovebirds decided to celebrate their union big time and in today's gallery thanks to Fabula Photography, we will experience all the pre-wedding rituals up to the reception itself, which as you can probably imagine, was as big as ever. The queen of the night? Maharani Priya, of course! And who better to doll her up than Arfana Jasar? We agree, when two glam queens get together, beauty is to be expected! So, ladies, join us for this first installment! See you by the aisle!

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Stay with us form more glam and charm from our brides!

DJ: Amplifire Entertainment | Hair & Makeup: Arfana Jasar | Photography: Fabula Photo Video | Ceremony Venue: Hilton Philadelphia City Ave | Reception Venue: Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue | Catering: Aman's Indian Bistro | Cinematography: Fabula Photography