Good morning, ladies, and happy Monday! To kick start the final week of July with all of our glam senses finely tuned, we have an engagement session that was as beautiful as the real deal. Gunjeeta & Arun decided to have an intimate yet lavish affair to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Luckily, Michael Santos Photography was there to capture the dreamy photoshoot and everything that came after it. I particularly loved how the makeup of Maharani Gunjeeta, created by Oscar Makeup, made her exuberant eyes glow even more! This Indian beauty truly stole the show with her gorgeous ruffle rose-toned dress and overall aura as well. Just like it should be! So beautiful! Head down to today's gallery and let yourself be smitten by this lovely pair. Don't forget to check Raja Arun's incredibly trendy satin black sherwani! Some serious style going on! See you there! 

photo #242130
photo #242002
photo #242022
photo #242009
photo #242038
photo #242131
photo #242036
photo #242048
photo #242041
photo #242034

Part two coming is just around the corner! Stick around! 

Planning & Design: Detailed Affairs Team | Photography: Michael Santos Photography | Hair & Makeup: Oscar Makeup | Family Makeup: MakeupTanyaa