It is time for us to kick start our week big time, ladies! For that, we have exactly what you need. As you can recall, a couple of weeks ago we featured Alli & Shivan's highlight reel. It was a gorgeous cinematic experience that left us wanting for more because of its sophistication and incredible taste. Today, and thanks to the prodigious talent of Studio Nine Photography, we are back with their marvelous wedding album. For this first installment, we are going to be witnessing the delightful photo shoot and the nerve-wracking moments prior to the ceremony at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. Our enchanting Maharani Alli's dolling up process before the spree was truly magical. A glittering glam ritual! Bella Angel assisted her with the hair and makeup and you can almost feel the butterflies flying inside our bride's belly as the big moment approached. All of this as Raja Shivan and his groomsmen prepared with the ravishing attires and exotic dance moves that would later dazzle every single guest attending. Such a heartwarming celebration couldn't go unnoticed so head to our full gallery and enjoy!

photo #227344
mehndi,details,indian bride,venue
maharani,venue,details,indian bride
maharani,venue,details,indian bride
indian bride,venue,details,jewelry
photo #227343
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raja,venue,details,indian bride
ceremony,venue,details,indian bride
ceremony,venue,details,indian bride
indian wedding,venue,details,maharani

Don't go anywhere, queens, part two is yet to come. 

Hair & Makeup: Bella Angel | Photography: Studio Nine Photography + Cinema | Baraat: Equishare Baraat Horses, Rickshaws and Carriages | Reception Venue: Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall | Hair & Makeup: Sonia C | Hair & Makeup: LashBee | Catering: Brûlée Catering | Catering: Moghul Catering | Bollywood Performers & Instructors: Arsaat Party Entertainers | Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Emily Kathryn Custom Paper & Lettering | Rentals: Vision Furniture | Transportation: Mainstreet Leasing