Look no further than this dazzling inspiration shoot by John Curry Photography for all the Indian fashion and accessory ideas you’ll need for your special day! For her second look, Maharani Aakanksha was adorned in full bridal regalia. Her sparkling lehenga was the most luscious ruby red, and our jaws dropped when we caught a glance of her ornate choker and necklace set from Menka Soni at Ravishing Marketplace. Some of the most beautiful jewelry we’ve ever seen! Her doe eyed look and voluminous hairstyle was lovingly created by Ariana Scott, and we couldn’t imagine a more picture perfect bridal look. The final touch was a chic bouquet with a tropical edge by Judi Tsuchida. The buds almost looked like a piece of modern art and were the perfect contrast to Maharani Aakanksha’s classic Indian bridal fashion. Again, Aakanksha demonstrated such lovely wedding day poses that we’re planning on practicing in front of a mirror. We were especially struck by the photos of her gazing through her dupatta. So elegant and mysterious. Hurry over to the full gallery where dazzling beauty awaits you!

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We hope you loved that inspiration shoot. Have a fabulous weekend Maharanis!

Model: Aakanksha Gavali | Hair & Makeup: Ariana Scott | Mehndi Artist: Sarah Walters | Bridal Fashions: Menka Soni - Ravishing Marketplace | Bridal Jewelry: Menka Soni - Ravishing Marketplace | Florist: Judi Tsuchida - Fena Flowers | Indian Decorations and Items: Sankara Imports | Photographer: John Curry Photography | Venue: Hotel Murano | Venue: Tacoma Art Museum