Twenty-Sixteen has been a year of firsts at Maharani Weddings, and tomorrow marks another! We're surrendering control of our Instagram to none other than Banga Studios' own lead photographer, Gurminder Banga! If you have a wedding-lovin' heart, and you follow our blogs, you're no stranger to Gurminder and his team's captivating work! We most recently featured this stunning Indian wedding in Gujarat he captured, and fell head over heels for this Atlanta wedding he snapped which we highlighted in our Best of 2015 E-magazine, oh, and who could forget this Princess (Elsa) perfect moment he delivered? So it's no surprise we feel confident that Gurminder and his team can fill our feed with a few of their most spectacular wedding moments! Gurminder and Banga Studios will be taking over our Instagram tomorrow, Wednesday, June 29. Make sure you're following us and Banga Studios' Instagram for the most inspiring South Asian wedding details around! 

Join us tomorrow for a breathtaking fusion affair in Key Largo, and don't forget to head to Instagram to follow us and Banaga Studios to make sure you don't miss a beat!