All eyes may be on the bride, but it’s the groom’s wedding day too! Here are 5 simple tricks to making sure your groom looks his best on his big day and in your photographs for life!


With all those beautiful ring shots of the two of you holding hands, you will want your grooms nails to be clean and cuticles neat. Also, don’t forget to lather up with hand lotion on your wedding day.

Make Up:

Trust us, a little Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder goes a long way. Simply apply to his face all over with a fluffy brush and don’t forget a touch up after the baraat!


This is the time to gently tweeze and trim his brows. Just make sure you do it a week or so ahead of time, so there are no mishaps the day of.

Pearly Whites:

Teeth whitening is part of any good beauty regime, so definitely include your guy. Visit your dentist at least 3 months before for Zoom or to get fitted for trays for at home whitening. Did you know most people look at your smile before they look in your eyes?

Sharp Shave:

Pampering is not just for brides, it’s for groom’s too! Your wedding is an excellent reason to book a hot towel straight razor shave. Not only does it give the closest, cleanest shave, but it also exfoliates his skin so it will look it’s best.