Our next wedding film will certainly make you smile. As family and friends of bride and groom, Roshni and Himesh, share fun-tastical stories and anecdotes about the groom, we couldn't help it ourselves. Christopher Brock Photography shot this exquisite highlight reel at the Hilton Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey, just beautifully. This fabulous Indian wedding event featured some amazing details that will surely please your wedding-lovin' hearts. The phenomenal decorators from Sajawat outdid themselves with the ceremony and reception decor — we simply went gaga for the wedding stage with its wall of greenery and white chandelier! Maharani Roshni wowed us with her spellbinding bridal fashions as well! Her red wedding lengha and white reception gown are both jaw drop-worthy. She glowed with glamour from start to finish thanks to her hair and makeup expert from Cinderella Bridez, and showcased some serious mehndi designs by Mehndi Arts by Prachi. The highly-demanded DJ Volcanik, of Volcanik Entertainment, makes another appearance today as DJ (and the inspirator of dance floor shenanigans) with his persuasive sounds too! Check it all out for yourself!

Maharaja Himesh, on meeting the Maharani of his dreams:

"December 31, 2012 - My best friends planned an extravagant night at our favorite day brunch restaurant in New York City, Pranna, for New Year’s Eve. We had the best table in the restaurant, overlooking the dance floor. It was a typical night for us boys. When I saw Roshni for the first time I was stunned. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

She was wearing a short navy dress. I went up to her and her friends and offered to make them a drink. Roshni actually said no to me… Eventually, I walked with her to the bar and ordered her what she wanted. While the bartender was making her drink, I was telling her about my self, where I worked, lived, and about my upcoming trip to India. We went back to the table to rejoin our group. We took pictures together and danced the night away with our friends.
Few hours later I had to wake up and get my stuff together for my big trip to India for a few weeks. I was at the airport Chili’s killing time before the flight. I went on Facebook and added Roshni to my friend list. She didn’t respond to my friend request until I was back from my trip and I was in California. She posted on her Timeline “ Not one Girl Scout has come to my house! They really need to get a truck with music like Mr.Softee!” I thought it was pretty funny and ironic. I sent her a message on Facebook that I just had girl scouts come to my house a few hours ago and I bought a box of Samoas.
We messaged each other for hours on Facebook until she gave me her number. We talked and texted every day, we got to know each other better. The next time I saw Roshni was in New York, again at Pranna and we kept in touch every day until I moved home to New Jersey. Our first date was at Cheese Cake Factory in Bridgewater. After that I was very persistent. I had to ask Roshni to be my girlfriend three times before she said yes. My friends thought I was crazy to keep asking her to be my girlfriend. I had feeling about this girl she would be the one."

Raja Himesh on proposing to Maharani Roshni:

"In September I started to plan how I was going to propose to Roshni. I didn’t know how or where to do it. I got a call from Hilton; they offered me a vacation package and gave me few locations to pick from. I picked Orlando so we can go to the theme parks and visit some friends. She hated the idea of us going. She kept yelling at me for weeks!! She didn’t want to go to Disney and Sea World (“Whale Jail”). I changed the trip to Las Vegas without her knowing. I asked Sonal for her help and she gave me an awesome idea to propose on the High Roller Ferris wheel. When we got to the airport, I asked her to enter our ticket number in the kiosko and print our tickets. She entered the number and was in shock when she realized where we were going. She gave me little push on my arm and said she didn’t pack for Vegas. She has never been surprised like this before. On the plane I showed her all the show tickets, restaurant reservations and activities that I had planned for us in Las Vegas. She couldn’t believe that I was able to plan all this without her knowing. We landed at Vegas before noon, and I had dinner and a show lined up.

The next day, October 30. I sent Roshni to the Spa at 12 o’clock to get a manicure and pedicure. I needed to run around and make sure everything was set for the proposal. I had lunch with my friend, Alex, who was also the photographer, and planned the rest of the day. When I got back, I hurried her along so we could reach the High Roller Ferris wheel for happy hour. We walked to the Ferris Wheel and the photographer was able to catch up to us and follow us into the pod. She had no idea he was right behind us the whole time. He was dressed up in an old man costume to blend in so she would not recognize him. Inside the pod there was a Bar and a few other random people to enjoy the ride. We had a drink and took some pictures together until we reached the top. I took Roshni by her hand walked to the glass over looking Las Vegas strip & I got on one knee and said” Roshni we have been together for two amazing years I can't believe we met on NYE. I know you will be the perfect wife. I know you will always be there for me. Roshni will you marry me? “

She said Yes ! Alex revealed himself and she was completely shocked. She couldn’t believe what was going on. After the ride was over, we walked back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and go dancing at Hakkasan; I called Dipen and Tithi on my way back to the hotel to tell him the good news. He asked me where and what room number I was staying in. He wanted to send a bottle of Champagne to the room. Roshni and I were getting ready in the room. Alex randomly asked for my room key, he wanted to get something from the gift shop. Ten minutes went by I called room service to see the status of the champagne. They informed me no one placed an order for it. I ordered the bottle; walked in the other room where Roshni was getting ready and told her what was going on with the champagne. A few minutes later, I got my own surprise when Alex walked in the room with Dipen and Tithi! I couldn’t believe it at first. I was completely shocked! I gave them the biggest hugs and I cried of joy. We all went MGM to have dinner at Hakkasan and then went to the nightclub to see Calvin Harris. It was the best day of my life!!!"

Maharani Roshni on her wedding style:

"Our wedding style was really a compromise. Himesh and I disagreed on what items were important for our wedding. I researched for a long time and it took me months to convince Himesh that the Green Wall I wanted would be a good idea and to come up with two different decors centered around my Green Wall. After months of research, and going back and forth with the decorator, we were able to come up with a decor we both loved."

On what she enjoyed most about her wedding:

"Our Engagement Photo Shoot. Himesh had the idea of doing our engagement photo shoot at Lake Palace in Udaipur. After a long drive there, we arrived to the hotel, got ready quickly and got to take some amazing pictures while touring Lake Palace. The hotel was beautiful, and it was a once in a lifetime experience getting to stay there!"

On shopping for her dream wedding lengha(s):

"I spent a long time looking at outfits and colors for my wedding outfit, but when I got to India and started trying them on, I hated what I originally thought I wanted. I ended up going to 4 cities for my wedding outfit, and after endless searching, I ended up finding one I partially liked. With a few customizations, I finally had my wedding dress.

My reception outfit was the complete opposite. My husband knew he wanted to get his wedding outfit from Millionaire Bombay. After picking out his outfit, we went to a second Millionaire Location which also happened to carry women's clothing. After about 15 minutes of browsing, I asked to see a white dress and mentioned I wanted a small train. When he pulled out a dress with a 4ft. Removable train, I was sold! I tried on One dress. That was it."

On the role family and friends played:

"My family loves to dance. At every event we get together, choreograph and perform dances. So naturally for my wedding my cousins came together and put on what I have to say was one of their all time best performances. The Grooms side had to step up to the plate, and they did! Both families did an amazing job."

Maharani Roshni on her sentimental pre-wedding jewelry:

"My Grahshanti and Pithi Jewelry was very important to me. I wanted to wear my grandmothers Haar but I was not able to find matching antique earrings. My aunt gave me her gold set to wear along with my grandmothers haar. This was extra special for me because my dad has always considered her to be lucky. He says that every time he has gone to her or my uncle for help with something it has turned out successful. Hopefully she gives me the same luck she always gives to him."

Join us later today for more Filmy fabulousness!

Cinematography: Christopher Brock Photography | Venue: Hilton Meadowlands | Day Of Coordinator: Rose Events | Floral & Decor: Sajawat | Catering: Flavors Indian Restaurant | Hair & Makeup: Cinderella Bridez | Cakes & Treats: Palermos Bakery | Mehndi Artist: Mehndi Arts by Prachi | Photography: Christopher Brock Photography