You asked for more, and we're here deliver on that holiday wish, Maharanis! Welcome back to the first ever Filmy Festival at Maharani Weddings, where we will be showcasing a hand-selected collection of some of the most captivating South Asian wedding films we've seen this year! Today's first video features blushing Indian bride, Dhara, and the Raja of her dreams, Riken, in a stunning Rare Air Films presentation that will capture your hearts — and also get them pumpin'! KM Events Management planned and designed this Indian wedding at the Ashirwad Palace in Randolph, New Jersey, where Dhol Baja Baraat not only decked the (banquet) halls, but the ceremony and reception, in incredible floral and decor that will inspire brides-to-be everywhere. This feel-good highlight reel will give you an inside look at this unforgettable celebration, from some sentimental moments as Maharani Dhara got ready, to her first look with Raja Riken — plus the most incredibly edited footage from their vow exchange and post-ceremony soirée where Volcanik Entertainment brought the house down with a body-shaking playlist and magnificent mood lighting. Oh, and don't blame us for your sudden craving for something sweet, that's all on ChocaL8kiss Bakery — it was all them and that cake cutting!

Maharani Dhara, on meeting the Raja of her dreams:

"Riken and I met through a common friend during her 4th of July BBQ. Our story was like a Bollywood movie, we were friends for 2 years before we started dating. He had liked me during the 2 years and became my best friend, there wasn't a single day that went by without talking to him. However, I couldn't see what was right there in front of me, this perfect guy. You know how they say you don't know what you have until it's gone, it was something like that. He had to let go of me for me to realize that he was the one. Finally, I asked him out."

On her Raja's thoughtful proposal:

"For our proposal Riken had arranged to take me sailing Long Beach Island, NJ. The day was beautiful, the ride down was amazing, the two of us talking and listening to music. When we get here, I saw that he has rented a boat and the two of us went out into the ocean. It was the first time I saw him sailing. Once we had gotten out far enough he docked the boat and got on one knee. It was perfect, just the two of us in this moment in the open sea. After I said yes, i realized that he has even packed a picnic basket with my favorite cheese, crackers, fruit and champagne.

After we came back to land I shared with him a dream I had about how I would be proposed on a boat in the middle of the ocean. I had never share that dream with anyone and had actually forgotten all about it until then. The fact that he literally made my dream come true is even more of a sign that we are meant to be."

On shopping for her dream wedding lengha(s):

"For my wedding lengha, it was literally love at first sight. Riken and I went to India for our wedding shopping, just the two of us. We shopped for every single outfit for each family member, the bridal party and ourselves. When I saw my wedding lengha on the very first day I thought it couldn't be this easy so I had them hold it for me. The next three days I shopped in so many different stores in two cites, but still kept going back to the very firsts dress I saw. I finally went back on the 5th day and bought it. I couldn't see myself walking down the aisle wearing anything else but this dress."

On the role family and friends played:

"Our family and friends were a huge part of this wedding. My sister Arpita was my rock through the whole thing, she listened to the things I had said I wanted for my special day and made it happen, details from the decor for each event leading up to the wedding, to amazing bridal shower that she threw to just being next to my side the entire time. Our family and friends participated in dances and skits that personalized the wedding for us even more. To see that those that are the closest to us come together in the way they did made us feel special."

On her amazing vendors:

"Our vendors were absolutely amazing, they are the reason everything was perfect! I would have change anything. Below are our vendor that I would like to give credit to.

KM Events Management - Kavita and Jeffery were godsend, they ensure that every detail of our wedding was how we had imagined it to be. If there was any hitches, which there were, we didn't notice them. Our parents raved about their service, they were courteous to our guest and their service added to our day.
Ishan Fotografi -Ishan and Preeti caught each and every special moment on camera for our. They were there for every event and stayed the whole time, they figured out who was close to use and was sure to include them in the pictures throughout the festivities. During the reception, Preetie was always by my side, this allowed me to take pictures with a lot of my guests.

Rare Air Film - we wanted something different than the normal cookie cutter template for our video and our highlight film. When we met RAF for the first time I knew that they would be able to provide that for us. TJ's creativity and out of the box thinking gave us our perfect Bollywood highlight video.

Ashirwad Palace: I've known Sam and Manish for a very long time, and to know that my wedding was to be at their venue was a big deal for me. Sam was great to work with, anytime I had questions or anything that i wanted to change he was able to help me with it. Our guests still rave about their food, both the Gujrati Lunch and the variety of the cocktails and the delicious dinner. At the end of the day, food is the one thing people remember.

DJ Volcanik - the music was on point, one the beats started it did not stop until the reception was over. The music was so great and included such variety to please all ages that the dance floor was never empty.
Chocol8 Kiss - Sonam was a gem to work with and her cake was delish. It included two different flavors, mango pineapple and red velvet/nutella- something to please all ages. And something different than your regular vanilla, chocolate and carrot.

Dhol Baja Baraat - they took the vision of my mandap and my reception backdrop and made it come to life. They were so easy to work with and were able to give us what we wanted, there was no limitations with them. If they didn't have it, they created it just for us. That was the case for our reception, they look the picture we gave them and made it come to life.

Mansi Mendhi - the details of my mendhi were all thanks to her. From the dholi to our initials, each details was personalized for the bride. She is great to work with.

Naz Beauty - Naz and her sisters did an amazing job getting my, both moms and the sisters ready. They gave us the look we wanted and the hair. Seeing them at 4am and they had a big smile and a great attitude. It help me the bride get more excited even through it was so early in the morning.

We are so happy with our wedding and how it turned out. Even now, 3 months past we get excited going through the pictures and talking to guests about what they enjoyed about the wedding. Hearing it from their point of view makes us re-live our day all over again.

Stick around for more Filmy fabulous as we continue to showcase more amazing wedding films all week long!

Photography: Ishan Fotografi | Venue: Ashirwad Palace | Planning & Design: KM Events Management | Lighting: Volcanik Entertainment | Hair & Makeup: Naz Beauty | Mehndi Artist: Mansi Mendhi