Today, we are celebrating Komal and Jashank's Indian wedding spectacle taking place inside The Westin Princeton At Forrestal Village in Princeton, New Jersey! Studio Nine Photography + Cinema lets us sneak a peek at the breathtakingly beautiful bride getting all dolled up for her wedding day. Maharani Komal is coming together flawlessly, thanks in part to the makeup styling of Cinderella Bridez. She's positively glowing as she accessorizes her gorgeous lengha with stunning gold jewels complete with ruby and emerald accents. When she does her proverbial walk down the aisle, the look on her face says it all! She's just over the moon to be marrying the Maharajah of her dreams. To ensure our lovebirds' wildest wedding dreams come true, the renowned planners from Urvashi Mishra, Wedding & Event Planner take care of every major and minute detail. Stick around for the reception because Elegant Affairs Inc. will be showcasing their amazing floral and decor talents, while DJ Essence mixes up the beats on the one's and two's. Not only that, but Moghul Caterers will be serving up the feast while ChocaL8kiss Bakery brings out the treats. You can't miss a single moment including the pre-wedding photo shoot in the gallery!

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From the bride, on how they met:

"I was at PennState and I went on my first trip to go raise money for THON, which is a big charity organization to raise money for pediatric cancer. We were on a trip to go raise money, and Jashank happened to be driving the car. We hit it off immediately, we were joking around and hanging out the whole weekend. But after that, I was too focused on school to give him the time of day, but he was persistent. Finally, I gave in and we went out to a casual "dinner" (it was a sandwich shop) so I could cut it short in case it wasn't going well. Instead, we ended up talking for hours! They had to kick us out of the restaurant because we were so caught up in our conversation that we didn't realize the place has cleared out. I could have spent hours there with him just enjoying each other's company. I knew he was the one that day."

On the proposal:

"After Jashank graduated dental school, he went backpacking through Europe with his friends. I was studying for my boards at the time so I couldn't go, and all his pictures and stories of his amazing trip made me super jealous. We love to travel, so we booked a trip to Paris for a week. One of the days there, we decided to do a city tour that started at the Eiffel Tower. Before the tour started, I wanted to take a million pictures (as usual). I asked a guy, who happened to be standing next to me, to help us out because he had a fancy camera so I figured he knew how to use an IPhone. We got to talking, and he asked us to help him take a silhouette shot for a school project, so we figured why not return the favor. The guy set us up for his shot while Jashank and I were talking. Slowly Jashank started talking about our relationship, how far we've come, and then all of a sudden Jashank proposed! The guy who I asked to take a picture of us, happened to be the guy Jashank hired to take pictures of the proposal! We then went around Paris to take engagement pictures all day while touring the city!"

On the wedding style:

"Every time I spoke to a vendor I realized that I would describe my wedding style in two words: simple and elegant. The only tough part was creating something different that everyone hasn't seen before because we were getting married at the end of wedding season. I wanted my wedding colors to be traditional: a shade of red, with a shimmer of gold, and white. My decorator was amazing with helping me create custom colors by layering fabrics. For the reception, all I wanted to create was a romantic and vintage feel. I was able to create a blush color theme with tons of roses, hydrangeas, and candles. With my Pinterest page and an awesome decorator, it was easy to create my dream wedding."

On the planning:

"The best part about planning the wedding was seeing my family come together. Everyone wanted to help. They gave me their honest opinion when I asked for it (especially with all my outfits!). They helped me run all my errands so I could focus on the details of the wedding. All my cousins came together when it came to making table cards, goody bags, and even decorating the whole house. The house was always packed with family, which by default meant there was always lots of good food too! Everyone took on tasks and responsibilities and followed through with it all, I couldn't thank them enough! It was the little things like having everyone around that made the wedding planning process fun!"

On the fashion:

"I went to India with a Pinterest page with like a thousand pictures. I had pictures for every event, so it helped when I went into every store for them to get an idea of what my style was. I had a few designers in mind when I went to India, but I didn't let that limit me because I was going for a certain look not the name behind the dress. Jashank and our brothers were out eating, I went shopping with my mom and mother-in-law... so I guess we all got what we wanted out of the trip! For garba, I just wanted a colorful dress. I had the most fun shopping for this one because I got to see some color combos I would have never thought of and they actually looked good! For the wedding dress, I wanted to go with something traditional, but not typical. We went to about 20 shops in Bombay until we found the dress that resembled my Pinterest pictures! The reception dress was tough to find. I wanted something simple and elegant, which is tough in bridal wear. I also wanted something light and fun so I could dance the night away. As we shopped around in India, I kept leaning towards Sabya Sachi's work. So finally, I found a dress of his I liked and then customized it, and it came out stunning!"

On hair and makeup:

"Bhargavi and her team from Cinderella Bridez were beyond amazing. I'm a dentist, so I don't ever wear makeup regularly because I'm always in scrubs and sneakers. So during my trials, putting on bridal makeup felt like putting on a mask. When I did my trial with Bhargavi, so gave me a natural glow that I was looking for without too much makeup. She did push me to put some more makeup on my eyes, and I'm glad I trusted her because I got so many compliments on my makeup!"

On a special moment:

"On garba night, Jashank and I were able to catch a few minutes to ourselves before our entrance. After 7 years of dating, over a year worth of planning, and tons of meetings later, our wedding weekend finally arrived. We were so excited and nervous at the same time. It was the first time all week that we got to sit down together alone and just enjoy our time together. We took that time to take it all in and remind ourselves to enjoy every second of our weekend!"


The reception celebration is coming up next!

Venues: The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village | Venues: Crowne Plaza Philadelphia King of Prussia | Cinematography: Studio Nine Photography + Cinema | Garba Catering: Dimple's Bombay Talk | Makeup: Cinderella Bridez | Dance Floor: Holo Walls | Cannolis: Termini Bros | Mehndi Artist: Devi