Find yourself overwhelmed with ideas for your dream wedding? Well, I'm here to throw even more fabulosity in the mix with some major floral and decor inspiration! A South Asian wedding reception is about many things. It's about family, and friends. It's about food and unforgettable toasts. It's also about what the Maharani of the hour is wearing and of course, the decor! The first thing that has the power to wow your guests before you even make an entrance is all the decorations, and if you're the kind of bride who's dreaming of a decadently lavish shaadi, you want to make a big impact and be sure your planner/floral and decor vendors pull out all the stops to really turn up the wow factor. One of the overall design elements at a wedding reception are the tablescapes. That means the centerpieces, the linens, the dinnerware, the place settings, the name cards, what have you...basically, all the pretty details that are on the tables! We scoured our galleries of extraordinary South Asian wedding after South Asian wedding to bring you a look at just ten of the most incredible tablescapes we could find. They range from abstract and contemporary to lavish floral dreams, and everything in between. So, without further ado, get ready, get set and start Pinning!

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Featured designs from left to right:

Photos 1 - 3 by Jared Wilson PhotographyPlanning & Design by Pawar Inc.Floral & Decor by Suhaag Garden

Photo 4 by Ron Soliman PhotojournalismFloral & Decor by Elegant Affairs Inc. 

Photos 5 - 6 by Aaroneye PhotographyPlanning & Design by Exquisite EventsFloral by The Hidden Garden

Photo 7 by Studio Nine Photography + CinemaFloral & Decor by Design House Decor

Photos 8 - 9 by Nadia D. PhotographyFloral & Decor by Design House Decor

Photos 10 - 11 by Heather Roth Fine Art PhotographyPlanning & Design by K.I. WeddingsFloral & Decor by Prashe Decor

Photo 12 by Veroa FotografiaFloral & Decor by Mandap Creations

Photos 13 - 14 by Nami Dadlani PhotographyFloral & Decor by Petal Productions

Photos 15 - 16 by JeanneMarie PhotographyPlanning & Design by Mira Savara EventsFloral & Decor by Steven Boyle Design

Photos 17 - 18 by Devi by KumarImages, Planning & Design by Tropical OccasionsFloral & Decor by Stylos & Flores