Looking to make a memorable escape that will keep your wedding guests talking for years to come? Whether you're planning to fabulously flee a pre-wedding celebration, wedding ceremony or reception, we've got some spectacular "getaway" ideas for you today! From hot air balloons and rowboats, to Cinderella carriages and helicopters, we've seen several unique ceremony and reception exits that we just can't forget. Every Maharani dreams about the impression she'll make upon her entering a room, but don't underestimate the statement you can make when you exit! Leave a lasting imprint of your incredible wedding style on each and every last person by being whisked away by a less traditional method that's both fun and fearless. Check out these seven sensational newlyweds and their getaway style and get inspired to make your own unforgettable getaway!

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Fun, right? See you gals back here tomorrow for more wedding inspiration!