Looking good is monumental on your wedding day, and furthermore, having your bridal look forever captured on film makes it a hundred times more important to have an amazing photographer present! If your wedding day is soon approaching, and you're still racking your brains about how to best choose a wedding photographer that fits your individual needs, then today is your lucky day! We were lucky enough to have a Q and A session with the highly renowned South Asian wedding photographer, Braja Mandala Wedding Photography!


Her work has graced the pages of prominent publications such as Harper's Bazaar India, and she's traveled the globe, from coast to coast, capturing stunning moments on film! Feast your eyes on more of her amazing work in the gallery, and make sure to read her 6 Expert Tips in helping you choose the best photographer possible!

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Q: What is the one tip brides should use to ensure great photos for their wedding?

A: The most important piece of advice that I can offer to someone when finding their perfect wedding photographer is to hire someone you like. Your photographer will be with you, your family, and friends the entire day, and it is important that your photographer is a person whom you can have a good time with on your wedding day. Someone whom you can see being a representative of you to your close family and friends. This feeling of friendship with your photographer will translate into your photographs. The more comfortable you feel around your photographer, the better your photographs will be.

Q: What kinds of questions should brides ask prospective photographers before choosing the right one?

A: Great question. I could tap into so many questions but, let’s focus on the safety of the bride. A bride's number one priority is to have great photos. But, there’s more that goes into having great photos. Something brides almost never ask, and I always assure them, is that we are an insured company. We insure our equipment and have liability insurance before we walk onto the property. It’s always best for a bride to protect herself from the unknown. We take safety very seriously. Brides should also ask about back up equipment. Does the photographer have gear in case of theft or malfunction? Lastly, ask your perspective photographer, what happens if they cannot perform on the day of the wedding due to illness. I have a network of photographers I can call upon, they are photographers of the same caliber and style that can fill in for me, in the worst case scenario.    

Q: For First Look portraits, do you recommend brides shoot inside or outside, and why? Is natural sunlight more flattering on film than indoor lighting?

A: Outdoors. Hands down. You want the moment to be intimate yet dramatic. When brides are in that moment, they cannot think of anything else but the look on the groom's face. We deliver that image. But, think about adding a bit of drama to that moment, when you can see your environment. I love giving my clients a 180 degree view.  It’s taking a beautiful moment to another level. We always ask our brides why they booked their venue because we want to be sure they see that background and help choose parts of the property that they are drawn to. 

Q: Are there certain colors that look the best on film?

A: I love these questions. Thanks Maharani Weddings. Color, color, color! Indian weddings are the most vibrant in every hue under the rainbow. But, as a photographer, it’s not the colors of the saris I worry about, it’s the colors of the backgrounds to make the saris pop. I want my clients to stand out against the background so that all the focus is on them. 

Q: What is the most exciting thing about shooting Indian weddings and/or brides?

A: In one word, family. Family is everything. The amount of respect shown during the ceremonies to incorporate family is so beautiful. Family brings laughter, celebration and emotion to every event. I was recently photographing the groom's portraits. I asked his mom to stand between the groom and his brother. The next moment she broke down in tears. I didn’t stop shooting. Most would. She immediately came gave me the biggest hug and thanked me. The moments I caught for their family are priceless. You will experience moments like this throughout the day. It’s not always tearful, it’s most of the time celebratory. But, it always comes down to family. I’m always humbled to be witness to it all.   

Q: What advice would you offer up and coming photographers?

A:Thanks for asking. As we all know Indian weddings move fast and lots of people are involved. You have to be on the top of your game for the entire event. Please have a clear understanding of each of the synchronicities of the ceremonies. Be ready for the unexpected. This will help you stay one step ahead of your client. Indian weddings are one of the most exciting, religious and colorful events you will ever encounter. Know your equipment. Know how to adapt and mostly be ready to have the time of your life. 

Wow, these tips are priceless and you were only able to get them here! I hope you took notes! Oh, and in case you live in Orange County, keep your eyes peeled because Braja Mandala is opening up a new studio in Costa Mesa next month! Have a great rest of your day, gals!