If you're in search of the perfect anarkali, whether it's for a pre-wedding celebration, your ceremony or your reception, you'll definitely want to check out what we're sharing with you here today! As much as we love our lenghas at Maharani Weddings, we also super appreciate our anarkalis! These brilliant bridal suits are the best of both worlds — the sophistication and comfort of a fierce suit paired with some of the most divinely designed gowns! From sleeveless and collared to a contemporary style that feels Grecian-inspired, these nine bridal suits are all out-of-this-world! With their bright and brilliant colors, their luxurious materials and varying personalities, there's bound to be at least one or two details that will delight and inspire you. So go ahead, check them all out!

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photo #40909
photo #40912
photo #40914
photo #40908
photo #40916
photo #40915
photo #40910
photo #40913

What a gorgeous collection, right? We'll see you gals back here tomorrow!