Seriously, Maharanis, what's more adorable than a flower girl, or a dapper little ring bearer? How about one in a miniature sized lengha or sherwani! These mini Maharanis, and Maharaja, are seriously going to charm your bangles off. Along with such paramount duties, these little Princesses and Princes also have the added honor of being quite possibly the most oohed and aahed at people to walk down the aisle — other than the bride of course! What wedding guest doesn't look forward to seeing these girls and boys carry out their most essential wedding ceremony tasks? When you're assigned such a significant role in the most important day of someone's life, you better be sure you look good, and that is something the Maharani you're preceding will make sure of. Below are just a sampling of the some of the most delightful flower girl (and boy!) fashions we've seen on our site. From the sweet and simple to the contemporary and elaborate — I'm talking pickups that would make Belle and her Beast jealous — these fabulous choices for those pint-sized members of your wedding party are all absolutely delightful. Check them out!

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photo #40566
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photo #40561

Weren't they just the cutest! We'll see you gals back here tomorrow when we bring you another fabulous wedding event!