Today, we are headed to the Northeast for a sweet Indian wedding taking place at the Normandy Farm in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania! The multi-talented Joie Elie Photography & Cinematography kicks us off with the outdoor ceremony which is brought to life with the floral and decor stylings of the renowned Mandaps By Dhoom! In honor of Rohini and Visish's nuptials, lies a majestic mandap cradled in magnificent yellow fabric and covered in white and red roses! Amidst such vibrance and wonder, our lovebirds say their I do's in traditional attire. Our Maharani looks dainty and delicate in a cream-colored sari, embroidered with a gold border! Hair and makeup extraordinaire Layla Bridal Hair and Makeup dolls up this beauty in soft, shimmering eye shadows, and a darling swept-back updo! The look is natural, allowing Rohini's true beauty to shine! These two couldn't look happier or more in  love as they become man and wife! Head over to the gallery to see more details of this joyous affair!

outdoor ceremony,mandap
outdoor ceremony,mandap
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outdoor ceremony

From the bride, on how they met:

"Visish and I met during orientation, our freshman year at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. We found out we were in the same calculus class and started studying together. Additionally, he convinced me at that time that he did not know how to do laundry, so I was the one to teach him (His mother later told me that he already knew how to do laundry). In return for "teaching" him how to do laundry, I forced a few Bollywood movies on him, especially Mohabbatein. Both the study and laundry dates gave us the chance to become closer and we became best friends very quickly. After several study sessions and few hundred loads of laundry, it was time for summer break and Visish went back to San Jose, California (where his family lives) and I went back to Hatfield, PA. That summer apart was when we both realized that life was just not the same without eachother and by sophomore year we were dating."

On the proposal:

"Visish knew since the year we met my favorite Bollywood movie was Mohabbatein. There is a group of trees in Philadelphia, that in the fall, look just like those classic leaves from the movie. So, Visish's proposal was based off of this. After 7 years of dating in which we completed college and Medical school, both at Drexel in Philadelphia, Visish proposed at these trees which I had named when we first found them, the Mohabbatein Trees. The night started off at dinner followed by dessert at Max Brenner, a chocolate bar nearby. In the middle of dessert, Visish got a "phone call" and went to take it outside. After he didnt return for a few minutes I looked around and a waitress came to my table, gave me a picture frame, and said "there's a car waiting for you outside". The picture frame contained a photo taken of us during our freshman year of college at Love Park. On the back was written: Meet me at the park. I went outside to meet that car, shaking,and completely surprised. At Love Park, I met my younger brother and his younger sister who handed me another picture frame that contained a photo of both of us on our first date. On the back was written: Meet me at that restaurant. The car then took me to the restaurant where we went for our first date, and was met by one of my best friends who handed me another picture frame. This time, the picture was of the both of us in our college dorm and on the back was written: Meet me where it all started. Of course when I got there, I was led to the laundry room, where we had shared a good portion of our freshman year. Another very good friend was waiting there with a video on an iPad. Visish appeared on the video and was standing in front of the Mohabbatein Trees and requested I join him there. The car took me to the Mohabbatein Trees, which was now covered in rose petals, candles, and silk 'Mohabbatein' - esque leaves. Visish was standing admist all of this, made a speech on our relationship over the past 7 years, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes and then he handed me a final picture frame. This one had a real leaf from one of the trees that he had preserved from several months before. On the leaf, in gold print, was written: will you marry me? He gave me a pen and asked me to write my answer on the back. This framed leaf is now hanging in our house above our bed. As soon as I wrote yes, all our wonderful friends and siblings jumped out with champagne and joined the celebration."

The reception celebration is next!