KC Makeup by Karuna Chani, also known as the top international makeup artist for Indian/South Asian women, gives us a sneak peek at her latest and greatest bridal beauty trends photo shoot! The inspiration behind this shoot was to find a way to incorporate edgy, contemporary elements into Indian bridal. From smoldering smokey eyes to bold, red lips, Karuna Chani showcases her stunning, out-of-the-box vision, hence redefining the look of a modern Indian bride. During a recent Q & A session with the makeup maestro herself, we got the hottest insider tips for all you Maharanis out there! Make sure to take notes!

hair & makeup,makeup,beauty shoot
hair & makeup,makeup,beauty shoot
hair & makeup,makeup,beauty shoot
hair & makeup,makeup,beauty shoot
hair & makeup,makeup,beauty shoot
hair & makeup,makeup,beauty shoot
hair & makeup,makeup,beauty shoot

Q: What is the one must-have beauty product you always carry in your handbag? 

"Concealer, concealer, concealer…It corrects, conceals and brightens— all in one, making the skin look more even."

A: What is the most important beauty tip for Maharanis when they’re getting ready on their big day?- "Apply a lifting serum with hyaluronic acid and peptides, prior to makeup (available at any dermatologist’s office). This will give the skin an instant lift, make it more radiant, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and tighten your skin, for a more youthful appearance."

"Make sure that your wedding day concept is balanced, well blended yet bold enough to make a statement. If you decide to go with a dark eye, then your lips should remain soft. If you decide to go with a bold lip then the eyes need to remain soft but defined. It’s also important that your makeup/hair concepts enhance and balance the outfit and don’t compete. Go with your gut and tweak the look if necessary."

Q: What is the number one mistake woman make when doing their own makeup?

"The # 1 mistake women make when doing their makeup is incorrect concealer color or NO concealer at all! Basically exposing/not covering the dark circles and/or blemishes/ spots."

A: What are the hottest beauty trends at the moment?  

"Some of the hottest beauty trends right now, for summer, are bold matte red lips, clean & dewy face, short deconstructed bob, gold/bronzy eyes and sun kissed bronze glow."

Q: And, any specific product recommendations?

A: Red lips – Nars Matte Velvet Pencil in Red square

Sun kissed glow - Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer # 10 & #11

Bronze Skin - Nars Bronzer in Laguna and Casino

Copper/Bronze Eye shadow - Makeup Forever Star Powder # 930

Q: What advice would you give to a Maharani trying to find a good makeup artist?

A: "We are in a world where a lot of information is available online. So it is not only important to see the artist’s website and social media outlets, but also a good idea that both parties meet, or at the very least chat on the phone. Give your artist a chance to understand your sense of style and your exact beauty needs! Always make sure you are communicating what you want for your bridal or event makeup [and] really evaluate an artist’s past work..."

And, there you have it, beauty tips to live by! Make sure to check out the short video (below) by Brian Choy on this amazing bridal shoot!

Hairstylist: Christina Calimano | Stylist: Ruchika Chani | Videographer: Brian Choy | Photographer: Shamayim | Publicist: Noelle Bonner Communications LLC | Jewelry Designers: Deepa Gurnani and Amrita Singh | Model: Melina DiMarco