Beyoutiful Beginnings plans and designs a magical Muslim wedding ceremony for Amena and Sherry in Toronto, Canada. Here is a first look at our Maharani getting all dolled up in flawless hair and makeup by LeSonne Bridals. Amena is mesmerizing in gold and green shimmering eye shadows and a bright rose lip, which match her red and green lengha to a T. And, I adore every piece of gold and green jewelry she on, especially the pearl choker necklace! OS Photography captures amazing shots of the lovebirds who are overflowing with delight as they prepare to be man and wife. Come back soon because we've got more from this momentous celebration including the always lively Band Bajha Entertainment cheering on the happy couple with awesome music! In the meantime, visit the gallery to see all the pre-wedding celebratory fun!

Getting ready
Getting ready

From the bride, on how they met:

"I had an interview with an accounting firm, and Sherry was the interviewer. We ended up working together for 4 months, before both of us went to do our Masters. He went to England and I went back to Waterloo. We stayed in touch for 3 years, going for dinners, or coffee, but just as friends. It was not until he went on a trip with his family and met my brother and mom on a plane. After that, my mom invited them all for dinner, and then his family invited us for dinner. I always saw Sherry as a professional coach / friend and nothing more. It wasn't until I saw him and his interactions with family, that I started to see him as something more. He was everything I always looked for in a person, and that is when I knew he was the one."

On the proposal:

"Sherry would attend Waterloo campus for recruiting purposes. He asked to meet me there one day as one of his friend's was coming in from Ireland. He wanted us to meet her for dinner. I personally am not a driving person. So for me to drive to Waterloo alone was a BIG deal. Not to mention, on my way there, an accident happened right in front of my car. I was so ready to turn around! I'm not sure why I didn't though. I made it to Waterloo, and had some time to spare. So I went to get my hair done - absolutely no idea why I chose to do that. He said he was done his 'recruiting' session. So I made my way to the co-op building. As I walked inside, the lights were off and 'Tum Hi Ho' started to play on the speaker system in the building. I knew right then it was happening. I started walking up the stairs. I got to the third floor, and noticed a path of flowers laid out to the end of the hall, with candles on either side. Flowers all the way to the end, and that's where he was standing. This is where we first met, where he interviewed me 5 years ago, before we even started dating. Thankfully he had a seat for me to sit on because my knees got all weak and I couldn't stand anymore. He thought of all the little details from the song, to having a Christmas tree in the back, since I absolutely love Christmas. He had my favourite flowers, and candles everywhere! Now every time I go back for campus recruiting, I have that memory with me. Absolutely loved everything about it!"

On a special moment:

"The wedding itself was spectacular, however the moments that stand out for me were when I would be getting ready in the morning. I would spend quality time with my mom, grandmother, aunt, my best friend and my cousin. These women mean so much to me and it was so great to have them by my side as Ruchika Verma and Wania Sulaiman (LeSonne Bridals) would do their magic. We shared stories from my childhood, ate McDonalds Fish Filets, and would just sit and laugh. All of these moments were captured by Omair Syed (OS Photography) as well."

Images from the baraat ceremony are next!

Baraat: Band Bajha Entertainment | Planning & Design: BeYOUtiful Beginnings | Photography: OS Photography | Sangeet Venue: Pearl Banquet Hall | Ceremony Venue: Versailles Convention Centre | Reception Venue: Grand Victorian | Cinematographer: ABCI Studios | Floral & Decor: Diya Decor | Cakes & Treats: ICake Bakery | DJ & Entertainment: Nspire Sound | Hair & Makeup: LeSonne Bridals