Today's Indian bride is being primped and prettied by hair and makeup guru, Beauty by Lishma, for the most important event of her life. Aaroneye Photography delivers, as always, a striking collection of images of our Maharani going from getting ready to marvellously married. Her brilliant bridal lengha — in red, gold and champagne — is sure to delight traditionalists as well as impress modern Princesses. The dashing groom arrives to the ceremony via horseback during his baraat procession, thanks to Enchanted Carriages, where the wedding venue has been expertly decorated by Deepti's Floral Designs & Mandaps — and it's fit for royalty. The crown of florals framing the top of the intricately detailed, ivory-colored mandap, is perfect for this rich, autumn celebration. After the gorgeous couple exchange their vows and make it official, it's time for them and their lucky guests to head over to the reception, where Special Occasions DJ & Lighting is waiting to get the party started. Before we join them, make sure to visit the gallery for a look at some engagement portraits and even more from the glorious ceremony.

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The bride, on how she met her Raja:

"My husband and I met at a mutual family friend's wedding reception! We both were actually not even planning on going to the event, but luckily we both ended up in the same place and at the right time. We casually caught each other's eyes while everyone was mingling before the reception. He then lingered a little bit and made sure a conversation was prompted before we all sat down. Throughout the night, we continuously talked and laughed and got to know each other in the short amount of time we had. As the night ended, we exchanged numbers and that was that!

I knew he was the one just around a month after we started dating. I've heard that he thought he knew around the same time :). By the time we even introduced each other to our family and friend's we already knew how this was going to end. It was such an exciting and nervous time for the both of us, and I feel like we were just ready for that next step in our lives."

On the proposal:

"The proposal weekend was definitely one to remember, especially because it happened only five short months after we met. We took a couples trip with my husband's really good friends to Catalina Island. This trip was being planned for over a month by then, so I was not expecting him to propose. We had planned a jeep tour, which took us all around the island; it was so beautiful. We stopped on a rock cliff overlooking the water on all sides, which is where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I can tell he was nervous, excited and mostly relieved! The weekend had more surprises that continued, we had friends waiting for us when we got back to our room, we then took a helicopter ride back where my friends and brother were waiting for me and then an entire ceremony and celebration with our families was fully planned for that evening. I could not sleep for 3 days straight trying to figure out how all this happened right under my nose."

On her wedding style:

"I started with absolutely nothing! It was the best way to start exploring my options. I did look at a few pictures on the Maharani Weddings site to give me some sort of direction. My main push was after I got my outfits for the wedding and reception, then I put together a theme and a mood that I wanted. For the ceremony, I really wanted to blend a bit of the Indian style with more of a rustic Fall look. With my vision of an outdoor ceremony and brain storming endless combinations of colors/pallets that blend well together with the Fall look, my mom, the decorator and I finally got what I wanted exactly!"

On choosing her wedding lengha:

"Choosing my lengha for the ceremony and my sari for the reception was a great experience. I had been in India for a few weeks and looked at the newest and most upcoming styles. I then put together, rather quickly, the type of look I was going for. I had tried on several outfits on my trip and had a good idea as to what I liked. For the ceremony, the traditional look (the red and white), is what I really imagined myself to be wearing. However, I really liked the concept of the more modern and Western white wedding gown look. Therefore, when I saw my ceremony lengha I knew that it was what I was looking for, elegance, charm and tradition all in one!"

On her hair and makeup;

"For my hair and makeup, I already had a good idea about what I wanted. I am more of a simple look type of person and wanted to make sure I looked more natural than completely done up. For my hair, I knew I wanted a down-do, however for the ceremony I was convinced that my hair would look better up so I went with that idea and discovered that it was definitely something I can pull off when done the right way. As for my makeup, I made sure I stood out more than the rest of the crowd, but still kept my natural look to feel comfortable in throughout the whole day. My hair and makeup turned out amazing, with a little bit of merging ideas between myself and the artist. You never know...stepping out of your normal comfort zone could still feel incredible!"

Check in with me in a bit, Maharanis! You don't want to miss the party!