Are you a Maharani looking to modernize your bridal look on your big day without completely turning away from the beauty of tradition? Well, we've selected nine of our favorite fashion forward wedding lenghas for you here, and you're going to just go ga-ga for them — just like we have! Whether you play with material, color or cut, there are several ways to bring a 21st century feel to the most memorable outfit you'll ever wear. We love a little bit of lace, a daring, bare back, bejewelled spaghetti straps, velvety blue blouses, boho chic skirts and exquisite embroidery! Modern doesn't have to mean wild either. Sometimes, a clean, silvery white number is the perfect, minimalist chic design a Maharani needs to step out of the past and into the now. And, if you're hesitant to get too contemporary, you can always pay homage to your roots with some stunning and classic bridal jewelry. We're absolutely head over heels for these stylish South Asian brides and their wedding wear choices. Aren't you?









So, Maharanis, I leave you with this question: How would you update your traditional bridal lengha into a modern Maharani dream?