Whether you're planning your mehndi party, your sangeet, a gaye holud or any of the other traditional, fabulous pre-wedding celebrations South Asian brides get to participate in before their big day, we've got some serious decor inspiration for you to Pin and get inspired by! Let's get bold and bright as we take a look at some of our most recent, favorite set ups. An assortment of vibrant, draped fabrics, luxuriously plush pillows and cushions and intricately detailed lanterns are just some decor favorites, but adding your own personality with some unique elements can help carry your ceremony style beyond! Think of different ways you can represent yourself too — after all, it's YOUR night! It could be through the use of your favorite colors, personalized elements like monogrammed pillows or even something as simple as incorporating your most cherished flowers or birth stones (rhinestones) into some aspect of the design — plus, that's added sparkle! Whatever you choose, it's all about you and celebrating like a Maharani with those you love most — which is the most important thing of all!

Did you get any good ideas today, gals? I know I did!