Happy Friday, ladies! Rated "R" for Romantic, here's a two-minute cinematic trailer of an Indian wedding in Pearl River, New York by Joie Elie Photography & Cinematography, that is filled with stunning aerial shots! The bride is all dolled up by KC Makeup by Karuna Chani, looking gorgeous as can be! I love how these crazy kids literally race to the mandap to be wed! The Maharani's elegant reception sari reminds me of a winter wonderland! Abhishek Decorators provides the stellar floral & decor for the ceremony & reception! Watch it now! 

From the bride, on how they met:

"I met Dipen a few years ago at a friends birthday party but coincidentally, we've had the same friends for years but we never met until recently."

On the proposal:

"Dipen proposed on my birthday (May 9th) and it took me completely by surprise. I was expecting fancy drinks and a delicious dinner at a swanky restaurant in Philly; little did I know that I was getting ready to say "Yes!" to my best friend!" The day started off by Dipen picking me up at my parent's house. He was very anxious and refused to let me put my bags in the trunk. I just assumed he had flowers/balloons for me for my birthday and did not want me to see it just yet. As we got to Philly, he helped me bring my bags upstairs and immediately left saying he "had errands to run." Errands to run? What errands could someone who does not even live in Philly have to run? Odd.... but okay. Before leaving he insisted I be ready by 7:00PM. When he got back I was getting ready and I could hear him pacing back and forth and constantly going to the bathroom. I did not know WHAT was wrong with him but I was on a time crunch - I had to be ready by 7:00PM! - So I did not give it much thought. He must be bored? Shockingly, I was ready with a few minutes to spare so we decided to make ourselves a drink. As I pour us our drinks...he pours himself a shot. I thought we were having drinks?! Shot it is then. We take our Cafe Patron and there he goes again..headed to the bathroom. Hmmm....As I walked outside my apartment I was looking for a cab to take us to dinner. You can imagine the shock on my face when I saw a horse and carriage instead! I thought, "Really, Dipen? A horse and carriage for a birthday dinner?" Well, that's different! I remembered some time back in NY I mentioned how one day I wanted to ride around the city in one. Guess that day came sooner than I thought. As we rode through Philly I thought how romantic is he?! I was soaking up the moment and just so happy with how my birthday was turning out. We stopped in front of Rittenhouse Square and since it happened to be one of the warmer days we had in few weeks, we decided to go for a walk. As we're walking through the park I see us heading directly towards a violinist, red rose petals & flashing lights (thanks Purvi!). At that very moment, I realized my life is about to change forever. We walked up to the violinist playing All My Life by KC & JoJo. To be honest, I had no idea what she was playing because I was hysterically crying as if someone just killed my dog (I do not have a dog, but you get my drift). He eventually got down on one knee, said a bunch of jibberish (which I'm sure was romantic had I been listening), and asked me to marry him. Through the tears and screaming "OMG" I was able to blurt out "Yess!!" We got back into the carriage and went to Morimoto - the same restaurant we had our first date and coincidentally (or not) we sat at the same exact table! Oh that Dipen - such a romantic! With a smile from ear to ear I could barely eat but we had plenty of celebratory drinks :) During dinner is when I was told the surprises are still not over...there were two more...one of which was a surprise engagement party with all of my close friends the next evening. This is when the real shock came in - WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?? As we took the horse and carriage back to the apartment I did not want the night to end. I've waited so long for this day and now it's here and almost over =( My last surprise? We walked into my apartment which was covered with long stemmed roses and rose petals & my kitchen island filled with champagne & chocolates (thanks girls!).​ And just like that...my amazing day came to a beautiful end. I started the day with a boyfriend and ended the night with a fiancé :)"

On the wedding style:

"For the wedding, we went for the traditional feel. Traditional attire, music, makeup and jewelry. For the reception, I thought I would do something completely different. I went for an ultra modern, chic, runway look and so the decor, outfit, makeup, jewelry was all based on that."

On the hair & makeup:

"I had a certain style in mind and a few pictures to help depict my overall look but I really let Karuna take charge and come up with looks that she knew would look great with my outfits."

On special details:

"My uncle helped decorate my entire Mehndi from putting up the backdrop to my stage to even the overall color scheme. He was a great help & really added that special touch to my event. I also had help from a ton of family members (especially my aunts), bridesmaids and friends throughout the whole process. I even had a cousin and bridesmaid stay with me the night before the wedding to ensure I went to sleep on time/wake up on time for hair & makeup. They truly made me feel like a princess not only the day of my wedding but throughout all the wedding festivities."

Hope you enjoyed this highlight reel, girlies!


Floral & Decor: Abhishek Decorators | Venue: Pearl River Hilton | Planning & Design: Elite Event Management | Cakes & Treats: A Little Cake