Ok, ladies, let's face it, the biggest dilema for a modern Maharani on her wedding day is deciding what to wear? Well, I'm going to help you out with that by using one word. Ready?! Poshaac! Poshaac Couture & Accessories are an exclusive blend of luxury, opulence and finest quality of fabrics, intricate craftmanship, exquisite embroideries with fresh cuts and global designs that define modern Indian cutoure. What makes this brand so unique is that it completely caters to a customer's needs. Every customer is given undivided time and attention with you're input being valued throughout the entire process-from the initial request to the time your costum design are delivered! Miss India of New York 2014 Rupal Patel (seen below) chose no other than Poshaac for her pagaent gown & accessories! Simply stunning!

Premal Badiani, Proprieter and Designer of Poshaac Couture & Accessories, lends us her own expertise on the best tips on choosing the right lengha! They are:

1. Center on wearing what works for you and your body type, period. Sometimes the trendiest lengha will not look good on you if the cut is not right for your body type.

2. Choose a lengha that complements your skintone. If your skintone is light, darker colors will look good on you, but the lighter colors will just blend in with your skincolor. If your skin tone is dark, you want to choose lighter and brighter shades; wearing a dark shade will make you look dull. If you are a medium-toned person, you have a wider spectrum of colors that you can wear but typically the earthy colors like gold and bronze will look best on you.

3. Never compromise on the fabric. The richer the fabric, the prettier the lengha will look. Even if you want to minimize the cost, make sure you are not budgeting on the fabric quality. Even with less embroidery and handwork, a lengha made out of a richer fabric will look much more glamorous and remain pretty throughout the years.

4. Last and most important, believe in your bridal lengha. Go with what will bring out the best and most confident you. That will make your appearance all the more impactful when you first walk in.

And there you have it! Priceless tips by an industry expert!

In July of 2014, Poshaac Couture & Accessories broadened its horizon beyond ethnic wear, with the long awaited advent of POSHMEN, which is a luxury lable for western mens wear. For more info on the brand  click HERE!

I dunno about you ladies, but I'm going lengha shopping! See ya later!

Photography: Anna Esposito Photography | Jewelry: Belsi’s Collection | Ms India NY: Rupal Patel