Happy Monday, my luvs! I need you to take 15 minutes for yourself and feast your eyes on this amazing Indian wedding highlight rael from Georgia, courtesy of Elevate Creations. The brides intricate mehndi design is done by no other than Beauty You Deserve. You have to watch!

From the bride, on how she knew he was "the one":

"Zohaib and I met at a mutual friend's dinner event. One of the things that really stood out about Zohaib was how he wanted to be friends before anything else. It was refreshing to see someone who wanted to get to know me before they showed any interest. I can't say there was one particular moment that made me realize he was "the one". There were multiple moments and there continues to be moments that reassures Zohaib is the one for me."

On the engagement story:

"My husband worked with my sister and brother-in-law and came up with a plan for us to take a trip to Las Vegas. My sister said they needed a vacation and wanted Zohaib and I to join them. Of course, it was Zohaib's plan all along. On the second day we were there, we took a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon which is where Zohaib proposed to me. There was a decorated canopy and lunch that followed. The following three days were planned to the T by Zohaib and each day was catered to me and things I love to do."

On the wedding style:

"I think one of the most important things for Zohaib and I when we were planning our wedding was how we can incorporate our personalities into the event. We didn't consider what people were doing or what was normal or what was even expected of us. Our first step was to identify a venue that spoke to us; that wasn't your average hotel ballroom, but a place that was intimate, different, had a rustic and artistic feel to it, and incorporated nature. Zohaib and I are very outdoorsy and we love being surrounded by the beauty that is nature. We also wanted to find a place with historic value, since Atlanta was the place I was born and raised and after all, that's where Zohaib and I met which is what led us to 550 Trackside."

On the planning process:

"I think the thing we enjoyed the most, which from what I hear from other couples is what they dread the most, was that Zohaib and I did everything on our own. We didn't hire a planner or consult with professionals. We started from the ground up and broke each week up into categories where we did extensive research and filtered out our findings to how we wanted our wedding to be. I've done a lot of DIY projects for family and friends weddings and I feared that with the amount of time we had to plan our wedding, I wouldn't have the opportunity to do same at my own wedding. Zohaib's support not only encouraged me to pick up DIY projects for our wedding but went to great lengths to help me come up with things to incorporate in our wedding and complete them, from designed, printing, and packaging our own wedding cards, to creating our own wedding favors. There is nothing like putting your heart and soul into planning your own wedding."

On the lenghas:

Honestly, I've always liked the simple yet classy style and I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on an outfit I will never wear again. I did do a lot of searches online but all I needed to do was describe what I was looking for to my designer, Salima Bhudani with Elan, and she was able to create the perfect outfit.

On special moments:

"One moment that I will never forget was the moment Zohaib and I officially were announced as husband and wife. It hadn't hit me til that moment and it was all smiles after that. However, I think for both of us the special moment started the day everything begin and it lasted til the end of the wedding (actually its still going). It was very magical to see all of our, and our family/friends, hardwork come to life. It was a great feeling to see everyone have such a good time and it felt very uplifting to see all these people celebrate us. One of the most important things for Zohaib and I to even have such a grand celebration was to ensure that no one guest would go unnoticed, even though its our day, they are all there for us. All five days were so intimate and so personal that when I look back at our wedding, every moment completes our wedding."

On the first dance:

"Our first dance was to the song, Tumko Thi Aana Hi Tha, from the movie, Jai Ho. Honestly, it was one of those songs that Zohaib and I get romantic and goofy to at the same time and that's us, so it just seemed perfect."

On hair & makeup:

"I've never been experimental when it comes to hair and makeup and I'm not really good with coming up with my own styles so I had to search a lot of different looks and at the same time work with my hair and makeup stylist to pick the perfect look. I give all the credit to Anh Bui! I can be really picky and stiff when it comes to doing something outside my comfort zone. She worked with my "limitations" and at the same time convinced me to do something different for the big day. I have to say I was obviously nervous but never disappointed!"

On help from family and friends:

"Honestly, if it wasn't for our friends and family, no matter how much time and effort Zohaib and I put into our wedding, it wouldn't have been remotely close to what it was. From my mother, who made sure all the traditions and ceremonies were done properly, to my father and brothers who built "the throne" for me to sit on for the Pithi, down to my sister and family from Orlando who made sure the entertainment during the 5-day event was spectacular. All the decoration efforts for the mendhi and sangeet and the setup for the reception was led by the entire Kachra Krew and my friends and cousins. I can't forget to mention our friend, Asma who led the coordination efforts for all 5 days and the wedding would've literally fallen apart if it weren't for her."

On any other details:

"I want to give a shout-out to someone I probably hassled the most during the wedding: Yasmin Chinoy at Finishing Touches Decor. She did my engagement decor as well so she is well aware of how picky I am. Of course when it came to the wedding I was a little more than picky. I was very set in my ways on how I wanted it but I have to hand it to her, she did phenomenal and I was very happy with how the hall looked."

Hope you enjoyed this video, dolls!

Mehndi Artists: Beauty You Deserve | Photography: Craig Obrist Photography | Decor: Finishing Touches Decor | Venue: 550 Trackside