Good morning, my loves! When I come across sweet and unique wedding ideas, I just want to gush about them to everyone I know! (Especially my darling Maharanis!) In this video, the groom gives the bride a globe with pins showing everywhere they've been together. Isn't that just the most precious idea? It totally gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "You mean the WORLD to me." With the gift of a globe, you can show your honey how your love transcends even the highest mountains and deepest oceans while having a keepsake of all the places you shared your best memories. It's seriously too sweet. If you're interested in treating your S.O. with a tribute to your international love, here are some globes from varying price points (high, medium, low) that will be the perfect sentiment to add to your wedding day— it will make it even more perfect!

Have a great weekend, Maharanis! I'll be back next week with more blissful wedding bits!

Cinematography: Bridges Cinema