We’re obsessing over this wedding film by Memories Films celebrating the love of Hena and Himanshu. This duo’s story is the stuff dreams are made of, and you can learn all about their first meeting and proposal in our interview below with Maharani Hena. We promise you’ll be cooing the whole time! Himanshu kicked off the festivities with a bang as he rolled in on luxurious wheels thanks to Exotic Skittles. Inside the venue, the bride was a sizzling vision, after being beautified by the magic hands of Makeup up by Shilpa. Her bold red lips and winged eyes are total beauty inspiration! Divine Decor of Dallas created the most unique mandap setup at the SLPS Community Center that was full of unique, modern grandeur. The reception night was equally breathtaking, with the talented team sprinkling the venue with whimsical palm trees and gold centerpieces. We also were awestruck by their hanging wedding cake by The Cake Guys. We’re seeing this hanging cake trend more often in 2017 and are huge fans! The reception was a nonstop dance party, with guests boogying to wild tunes by G2 Entertainment. This cinematic gem by Memories Films had us swooning from beginning to end, so grab a tissue and relive all the beauty! For more photos, peruse the snaps by MnM Photography of this fairytale wedding in our gallery.

How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?

Himanshu is my friend's brother, whom I did not know at the time. He noticed me randomly a year before through a Facebook picture I was in with some of my friends. He was with his younger cousins whom I knew from the local Indian community, and he literally had told them “wow, [he’s] going to marry this girl one day” somewhat as a joke. A year later, he tried to talk to me through his sister since I was friends with her. I had just started working and was stressed adjusting to the new job as a brand new registered nurse. Ironically, he tried to interview me as newly graduated nurse as part of a project he was working on at work. I told his sister I'm down to do it, but I kept pushing it off just from forgetting and being stressed. He and I would continually forget about the interview over the next couple of months but he kept trying even though I kept pushing it off.

A few months later, he “accidentally" texted me about Papa John’s pizza, as at the time they were his clients as part of his job in the marketing field. I was at work and confused when I read his text so I texted back saying "Huh?" He then texted back saying he accidentally texted me, and offered me a free pizza voucher. Somehow I knew he didn't accidentally text me, but at the same time how could I turn down free pizza so I texted back saying yes and from then on our story began. I knew he was the one the moment I realized he was all that I wanted and much more in a guy. Someone who understands me, accepts me for who I am, loves me no matter what the situation may bring, makes me feel so comfortable around him, who gets along with my family and friends, who's loyal and trustworthy, and most importantly someone who would do anything for me to keep a smile on my face. One night after visiting him as he walked me to my car, we hugged goodbye but it wasn’t any ordinary hug. It was the most heartfelt hug I had ever felt. We actually hugged for about 20 minutes unintentionally and that’s when the exact moment when I realized he was the one.

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!

I love my proposal story every time I think about it. When our story began, I was too scared to immediately fall for him, even after knowing that he’s such an amazing guy. It felt too good to be true, and felt like a fairytale. So we had started comparing ourselves to the princess and the frog. I had told him that he would be the frog, and wouldn’t transform until the day we walk into the sunset together. He said he would always wait for me until I was ready to embrace what we had together, and this is where the inspiration for the proposal came from for Himanshu. When the time came for the proposal, he had told me it was a conference for his work and would really love for me to come. Ironically, the (fake) conference was in San Francisco, CA, the dream city I had wanted to visit; which is why he told me the conference was there. Immediately I was excited and started working on our itinerary.

Soon after all the planning had been done, March 15th, 2016 finally came around for us to fly out for the so called conference. March 16th was the actual day of the so-called conference as well as the day he was planning to secretly propose! We drove along the coast for about 3 hours south from San Francisco on the big day as we were on our way to his fake work conference. Along the way, Himanshu mentioned to me about Pfeiffer beach and how it had purple sand throughout the beach, and that we should stop by before the conference. He explained how the sand beds were made up of amethyst rocks over the years that shed the purple crystals into the beach making it a sight to see. I was just excited to see the beach since purple is my favorite color, but I was also worried about being late to his conference. He said he texted his boss stating we were running late so it was okay to stop by.

We stopped by and walked through the beach and he stopped me near this beautiful huge rock, which had a tunnel through it that allowed the sun to pass through to create this pathway of light where we were standing. Himanshu then handed me a book as we looked at the sunset that he created. He said it was a token of appreciate for me agreeing to come all the way out here. I opened it and it was written like a fairytale picture book about our story from the beginning until that very moment we were in. He was the frog throughout the whole book and I was the princess. The second to last page was a picture of us standing in front of the beautiful giant rock. I flipped the page, and it was a picture of him kneeling down on his knees behind me as a transformed prince asking, “will you marry me?” My heart was pounding and immediately tears came down my eyes. I turned around to find him on his knees as well with a ring inside a glowing ring box in his hands. I couldn’t believe the moment happened and I said YES. We kissed and hugged, and didn’t even have a clue that a photographer was around us the whole time. He then showed me a video of my friends saying congrats, and out of nowhere they popped up out of a huge rock to surprise me and started crying even more out of happiness. It was truly the most beautiful moment. He of course afterwards let me know that there was no actual conference and the whole trip was revolved around proposing to me!

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?

I bought my bridal lengha from India. I knew I wanted the entire outfit to be red and gold, and some form of floral incorporated in it. The first store I went to the first day I started shopping, I fell in love with a wedding skirt and immediately bought it. It had the floral work in the intricate wave designs on the skirt, which expressed my love for flowers. I had gotten the blouse made by picking out the material, which was not part of the lengha set I originally bought. I had visioned the blouse to have complete floral work and had a picture of the kind of blouse material I wanted. When I found it, it was exactly what I was looking for. I had a local designer in India incorporate the intricate floral work from the excess blouse material of the original lengha, with the new floral material to create my one of a kind blouse. I matched my jewelry at the end, which had the red and gold work in them. Finally, I picked my Louboutin wedding shoes to tie it in with my entire outfit. I wanted my choose to have sparkle, but also look edgy. I was so happy to know my wedding outfit finally had come together.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?

When the day comes, just stop, breathe, and enjoy!

So lovely! We'll see you all tomorrow with another fantastic wedding film!

Transportation: Exotic Skittles | Draping/Styling: JJ Drapes | Baraat: Happy Trails Carriage Services | Cakes & Treats: The Cake Guys | Cakes & Treats (Desserts): Priti Good | Cinematographer: Memories Films | Hair & Makeup: Make up by Shilpa | Mehndi Artist: Sanober‘s Henna | Photographer: MnM Photography | Murtaza | Planning & Design: The Storybook Event | Sangeet/ Ceremony /Reception Venue: SLPS Community Center | Groom's Pithi Venue: Relax Inn | Groom's Saatak Venue: Magnuson Grand Hotel and Conference Center - Tyler | G2 Entertainment: DJ | G2 Entertainment: Baraat | G2 Entertainment: Lighting