The toes in the sand feeling will always remain classic in our books! And, today’s cinematic reel captured with sheer pizzazz and romance will leave you absolutely breathless. It didn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that Sameer Soorma Studios is behind this masterpiece remembering Maharani Hetal and Mitul’s special day. My favorite outfit of all had to be the wedding lengha. With the bright hues of red and the twinkle of kundan jewelry; what a sight to behold against the clear waters serving as your backdrop! Hetal definitely was a knockout in her one of a kind designer masterpiece that was both traditional and sophisticated. No Indian wedding would be complete without some serious dance offs, nostalgic beats, and a packed dance floor! With DJ Vik Events on the turntables, the festivities were taken up a notch. Planning and design of this insanely gorgeous wedding was spearheaded by Urvashi Mishra, Wedding & Event Planner. So, sit back and relax as you hit play and are transformed to the magical sands of Florida.


How did you meet your Groom and when did you know he was "the one"?

I was introduced to my husband by my brother in law, Jignesh. My brother in law and my husband are second cousins. When my brother in law met me for the first time, he thought I would be perfect for Mitul (my husband). We were introduced to each other at my sister and brother in law's engagement party and the rest is history. We began talking and getting to know each other for about 5 months. We both then ended up going to India that December for family weddings and got a chance to spend a lot of time together. I got horribly sick while in India where I was not able to get out of bed for 3 days and had to get an IV. Instead of attending the family wedding, Mitul stayed by my bed side (and comforted me while I threw up) the entire time and gave me company while my family attended the wedding. That's when I knew he was "THE ONE!"

Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!

Mitul and I took a trip to Hawaii in March 2015 with his family. Mitul somehow convinced me that we should skydive while we are in Hawaii. The morning after we landed in Hawaii, we took a shuttle to the location for skydiving. He had already called the skydiving location and spoke to them a few weeks beforehand and informed them about his plans to propose. It turned out that 2015 was the worst year till date in terms of getting clearance to skydive due to the weather. (There needs to be a 3 mile radius of no cloud cover in order for the plane to go up). We ended up having to play the waiting game. They informed us that we would wait for the clouds to roll through for the next hour. 1 hour turned in to 3.5 hours and they informed us that there would be no skydiving taking place that day. I was ecstatic that I didn't have to skydive because I REALLY didn't want to. I was only doing it for Mitul.

Once we got back to the Hotel, Mitul secretly snuck away and planned a helicopter tour for the following day. He told me that we'd be getting a tour of the island in the helicopter because neither one of us had been on one. He informed me that since the skydiving didn't work out, the helicopter would nice and it'd be cool to see the island from an aerial perspective I still had NO CLUE. I was just happy I didn't have to jump out of a plane.

The following day once we got to the helicopter tour, we had to sit through a 10 minute safety lesson. After that, he made an excuse to go use the restroom. Instead of using the restroom he managed to track down the pilot of our helicopter and informed her of his plans to propose. She told him that the tour includes a beautiful waterfall called "The Sacred Falls" which is tucked between two huge mountains. He loved the idea and proposed to me on the helicopter at the Sacred Falls.

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?

When I initially went to India for wedding shopping, I had told myself to be open to different ideas. We all see many bridal lenghas that are red and gold. I wanted to be a little non traditional and opt with something close to a red but not completely red for my bridal outfit. I saw many whites, pinks, lavenders, and light oranges but none stood out to me. I had a mini meltdown because I really thought I wasn't going to find "the one" and I was on a time crunch. After my meltdown we decided to go to one more shop for that day. There, I saw the one that I ended up choosing hanging on the racks and decided to try it on. As soon as I put it on, I knew that I felt like a bride in it.

Coincidentally, it ended up being ALL red and gold! 

What was the most enjoyable part of the planning process, and why?

When I first began wedding planning, I was a bit overwhelmed. I've seen my two older sisters go through it and have been there first hand to experience the craziness. I think one of the best parts about the planning for me was how well both of our families communicated and hashed out the details. Mitul's parents and my parents never hesitated with one another when they had a question. Our wedding went as well as it did because of how well we all communicated with each other. Our parents were the best throughout it all, they helped us tremendously and made sure Mitul and I got the wedding we envisioned! Another BIG part of our wedding planning process was our wonderful wedding planner Urvashi Mishra! She never felt like a wedding planner to me, she always made it feel more like family. She was ALWAYS available whenever we needed her and was on top of every aspect throughout our wedding weekend.

What did your guests particularly love about your Wedding?

The guests absolutely loved the idea of having a Destination wedding. We knew when we first began wedding planning that we wanted to do a warm area/beach wedding. We had our wedding in Destin, Florida. Neither Mitul or I live any where near Destin. Mitul is from Mississippi and I'm from Oregon. We were able to narrow our searches down to Destin and found the perfect location at the Hilton Sandestin. The guests were not only able to enjoy all of the events for both Mitul and I, but they all told us that it felt like a vacation because they were able to enjoy the beach and surrounding locations. We tried to space out the events so our guests could make the most of the location/resort as well as enjoy the events. I think Destin was the perfect place, because none of the guests felt that they were exhausted from all of the wedding festivities.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?

I think we sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves as brides. We think every thing needs to be perfect. You hear many people tell you to "take it all in" during your wedding and I couldn't agree more. I think it's important to take the pressure off of yourself and enjoy the moment(s) with the people closest to you. They all have traveled far to be there for you during the most important time of your life. I really enjoyed my weekend. Even though I was running on veryyyy little sleep, I had a blast! As soon as the first day event rolled around, I didn't let myself stress out or think about the planning process. I let it flow and it turned out absolutely beautiful!

Thanks for sharing Hetal! We'll see you all tomorrow for another stunning Indian wedding celebration.

Photography: Sameer Soorma Studios | DJ: DJ Vik Events | Planning & Design: Urvashi Mishra, Wedding & Event Planner | Sangeet Venue: Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa | Floral & Decor: Prashe Decor | Hair & Makeup: Glitter & Gloss Creations | Catering: Pankaj | Baraat | Transportation: 654LIMO Inc | Cake & Treats: Holy Cakes | Live Music: Rhythm of Dreams | Mehndi Artist: Hello Henna Artistry by Emily | Priest: Harendrabhai