Dear Maharanis, we have such a special treat for you today! We just had to feature Sheena and Tom's candy-coated engagement film because we think it's such great inspiration for all you newly engaged couples! Ever the innovative photojournalists, Sameer Soorma Studios put together a captivating storyline, cinematic transitions and locales seemingly straight out of Pleasantville for lovebirds Sheena and Tom to celebrate their engagement. Sheena and Tom, both lawyers from Phoenix, TX, are nature, candy, and biking aficionados and love to visit Flagstaff, AZ. Thus, a concept was born featuring a candy store heist, sweeping views of poppy fields, and romantic bicycling through the adorable streets of Flagstaff! It is such a beautiful showcase of their personalities and relationship, and we think this engagement film will be a very special keepsake for Sheena and Tom in the years to come! Since engagements are such precious, brief moments in time, we here at Maharani Weddings love the idea of E-films, and hope this gives all of you newly engaged couples ideas on how you'd like to celebrate your engagement! 

Too adorable! Excuse us while we attempt to whip up some candy apples!

Cinematography: Sameer Soorma Studios