Indian weddings in all of their glory are always such a sight to behold. With the glitz and glamour of the bridal clothes, the pops of colors springing with each step, and the endless days of celebration; it is imperative that these memories are captured in perpetuity. Huqa Live/Films has brought innovation to the next level with this stunning 4K digitally mastered cinematic film. While it is the first of its kind to hit the Indian airwaves, it is highly likely that most would reckon that this Pakistani wedding highlight was yet another Bollywood masterpiece hailing out of the film vaults from India. Love & Laughter is a tribute to celebrating the union of Maharani Ume and Uzair, and the cinematic journey itself is incredible to say the least. Because of the pixelation of this new technology, every pearl from Ume’s jewelry down to the intricate embellishments on her gorgeous crimson red and gold lengha was captured with scrupulous detail, etched in 4K elegance. We could not stop gushing about how the bride looked stunning from every angle of the camera! The single clips of the footage was digitally polished by the director of Huqa Live/Films, Raakin Iqbal, who has tailored his work to parallel the motion films you would find at the cinema. Huqa Live/Films did not just capture memories of an eccentric Pakistani wedding, they told their audience a tale of love and intrigue and a story of a Maharani and her Maharaja. Ultimately, this piece of art showcased the marriage between a husband and wife that remains timelessly etched in superior, state of the art technology. At Maharani weddings, we look forward to seeing more digital art from this very talented cinematic team. Yearning to learn more about 4K technology? In addition to assuring that the highest quality of video is caught in the moment, Huqa Live/Films scores each piece of audio to its respective counterpart. Whether it be the ruffling of the leaves or a bride breathing, the audience is not only visually mesmerized, but the presence of auditory perception is augmented. Read on below after you watch this film for a crash course in this technological delight!

Most of you may be wondering what exactly 4K technology entails. In a nutshell, most cinematographers are opting to shoot film in 1080p. At one point, this was the highest resolution from a technological standpoint that could be both shot and viewed. This type of format is considered to be full High definition, which provides an image resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. However, with 4K, a resolution of 3840 x 2160 is projected, boasting at least four times more pixels than the standard 1080p. What this means for the audience is a crisper, clearer video file with extreme attention to detail. We are excited to see what 4K videos land on our desk so we can share the sheer brilliance of these films. See you all tomorrow!

Baraat: Platinum Decor (Decor) | Catering: Lasani Kabob | Dj & Entertainment: DJ Lucky | Dj & Entertainment: Platinum Entertainment | Floral & Décor: Moment Events (Mehndi) | Photographer: Shaab + Coop